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Give me my cookies back.

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    Give me my cookies back.

    So my 6000+ cookies disappeared after the latest maintenance. I'd like to have them back, thanks.

    Ateam Admin Ateam Avia I had 5000 cookies as well before maint. Gonneeeee


      Wait they disappeared on the 8th? I know the announcements said that cookies would reset on the 8th, but I thought only the exchange would reset, not both the cookies and the exchange.


      • niconutela
        niconutela commented
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        same here so rip cookie

      Avia said that the limin cookies did not reset at the end of the month as intended to be. Instead of them, the limin badges did.
      so the cookies would be reset at 8th of this month with the past maintenance.
      It was posted in the announcement thingy.- .
      I lost mines too. Because i forgot that announcement.


      • Exifea
        Exifea commented
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        Asldkjasdlk I second that. I shouldn't have to go to the forums to find that my cookies do not in fact expire at the end of this month.

      • Asldkjasdlk
        Asldkjasdlk commented
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        Anyway, in the game it said they'd expire in 20+ days, not the 8th. Someone who didn't check the forum, could've just assumed that the ones that should have expired should have been the ones gathered before the end of the month.

      • Moxdragon
        Moxdragon commented
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        The in game message gave over 20+ days left....if they knew it was an issue then it should have been corrected in game to represent the correct days left it's that simple. I want my gems back I spent of my cookies back. I had over 14k cookies I spent with gems working hard to achieve. They will not get a single dollar out of me if this is not fixed. Besides, who checks the forums if the game it self is saying x amount of days remaining????? This is on A-team not the players that spent gems to obtain the cookies etc. Don't just say sorry for the inconvenience when you charge almost a hundred dollars for 200 gems. When you spend 20+ gems on getting cookies and the date posted in game says 1 thing it's misleading to take them away and just say what is currently being's that simple.

      I had over 14000 cookies saved from spending gems to x3 to obtain a large amount.......I want my cookies back or the gems I spent!!! They know it was an error, but nothing is being done besides sorry for the inconvenience???? Give us back our cookies or gems we spent it's that simple. If this goes undone I'm not spending another dollar on this game.