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    Soldier Class Question

    I’m a 600k+ GS Soldier and my MATK is 91k+ while my ATK is 183k+. Most soldiers I’ve seen don’t have that high of MATK when compared to their ATK, I’m wondering what I’m doing wrong? I also only have soldier weapons so I have no idea what’s happening...

    maybe you have a lot of archer stats (ATK+MATK) monsters idk

    not like if having some MATK was a big problem, but I guess that other soldier focus more on ATK+DEF monster, and sometime MDEF+ATK, so they might have a build with higher ATK compared to MATK, but some more DEF and MDEF
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      It probably because most of your monster give stats in atk and matk


        More MATK is a good thing, because unison damage is based on your total ATK and MATK.

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