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Collab gear wrong stat

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    Collab gear wrong stat

    So for the collab def gears, clothing will have mdef stat and armor will have def stat, except for darkness armor, which is a mdef armor.

    For weapons, like darkness sword. It's a 36c weapon but the atk it gives is only 19371. Other collab weapons, say, Lalatina sword, is also 36c but gives 23722 atk.

    Are they bug or working as intended?

    The way this collab is going, I’m starting to wonder if “bugged” and “working as intended” aren’t mutually exclusive in ateam’s eyes…

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      That first part about MDEF armor is fully intended and that's existed for a very long time. Berserker and Treasure Hunter even specialize in those kinds of statted gear.

      Second part though I noticed myself and I figure it's a mistake. SIgh this collab, bro ):
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        Yeah the second half weapons have much better stats than the first half ones, for no reason.


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          I just spoke to the team about this and it looks like the stats for the first half Gear were off, so they are going to increase them.


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            The stats should be fixed now.

          How about the darkness armor with mdef stat? There's no def clothing counterpart in this collab.