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    I start with this word because it is the summary of this whole collaboration. In many ways, I summarize everything in small parts ...
    I show collaboration in the first part ranking: completely useless, not even the taste of having it as a collection, and certainly I didn't waste any time (although usually the mobs collabb at least those to climb I try to do them, but this was really useless)
    sr or ssr collab tickets? why not just call them "joke tickets"? for all the tickets I got, from the logins from the two boxes, all Sr hats, but not only, even my whole guild, or 8 tickets for 10 pg or 80 hats sr ... I wonder if they wanted us to open a store hats?
    Another point, finally comes the second part of the collab, where one hopes for something better, and well, the monster of the second part is much better than the first .. where is the deception this time? Almost impossible to farm it because it is not ranked, you need to have ... (luck) in the magic circle, but obviously the spheres are very few from the end quest cards, and then the circle resets itself to every useless thing you take (competence key, droplets ether etc) then the gist of the speech, the monster has very little hope of being caught by normal f2p, even gemmando sometimes, you risk throwing 30 gems without having anything .. Finally I conclude by saying, thanks to the long wait for the ssr ticket normal (i think ssr collab) after the 14 logins, I almost would have hoped for another "joke" hat ticket.
    good game everyone.

    Well.... Konosuba collab is an old collab that happened 2 years ago.
    Sure ATeam did some changes here and there to adjust it to the game's current power creep but to be honest, you needed to expect those kind of monsters... They can't fully re-do every mons because we're in 2019.
    I do agree that the collab kinda really s u c k s but I'm just happy to have nice new cosmetics and doing some new events instead of old ones

    Be patient! Collab ends next Thursday! :^)