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    ateam account help

    Hello forumers/staff! I wanted to make a thread to get some help with setting up my ateam account. Or in my case, recovering an account I never made?

    so i went to backup my character onto an ateam account. You know, the little button in the settings page that takes you to the login. However, upon inspection my tab has the [complete] next to it.

    i checked all of my emails, and I never registered for an “AteamID”? im a little worried, as this character is 2 years old, a 654k soldier whom I have spent some money on. And with my new phone coming in to replace my old phone, I’m worried i’m going to loose all of my investments.

    please help!! Is there a way i can find a linked account based on a character ID?

    for reference of what character im referring to, and a screenshot of the menus:

    Character Prof:


    Error Message:

    edit: for extra clarification, I have indeed created an account to back up the information. However, when transferring/linking my UL to the ateamID, I get the above error message.
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    Hi Elaine! If you can't find your game data, then you may contact our customer support team. Just send an email to (Android), (iOS) or (Amazon). They can help you out with this concern.
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