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Maybe I'm the only one who feels this way....

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    Maybe I'm the only one who feels this way....

    How long have yall been playing for? I've been playing coming in at almost 3 years. Eventually EVERYTHING gets boring. Yes I play other video games, but currently Unison League has gotten STALE in terms of ANYTHING new. It sucks that there's nothing new coming from this game, not even said unique collabs. And it's not like there aren't other similar games to this that don't do collabs every now and again. Same boring trap spawns, same money hungry outdated events, not enough colo or Mobius, etc etc. There's a saying that goes "if it ain't broke don't fix it". Well, they might want to rethink their strategy in terms of this game because as these days pass, more and more whales are either flat out quitting, or selling their accounts and retiring for good. I personally draw the line at putting out a monster then expecting us to have to use the same mon to pot said Mon. It's becoming more and more prominent since the archangels. They recycle the same things over and over. When's the last time there has been anything unique in this game (and no I'm not referring to a new "spawn" that might have a new monster that's still 37 cost)?

    As much as I agree that new events hasn't come out for awhile (at least that caters to the less experienced), I'm not really at the same point as you. Kodora's just came out earlier this month, the cosmetic design contest has been implemented, and the rest are more quality of life improvements (i.e. pet slots increase, potentials for some monsters released). The step-up spawns that guarantee a specific c37 Monster is still a fairly new concept (Yumemi, Kid Mitsunari, Aviator Siegfried). It may be just your frustration at the lack of content that you want, but there are new stuff coming out every week or other week. I've been playing since within the first year of this game's release, and I quit awhile for about a year, then came back (my old account was recovered). And I can say that it's more fun now than it was before. I think the game is the most F2P friendly as it's ever been.

    But nobody is forcing you to keep coming back to the game. Any legacy game that's been out for as long as UL has been are ALWAYS going to have dedicated players quit and leave the game. ATeam doesn't control that. That's life. Personally, I'm enjoying this break from events to focus on farming ordeals and gems from story. No, the game is not dying. We had event after event, and many players were asking for a break. This is the break.
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    My top 5 monster setup.


      The game is constantly pumping out new crap every month. You read the patch notes?

      game is cheapest it has ever been, where it used to take about $250 to get the new weapon or monster, it's like $80 now. Even less now with the 120gem guarantee spawns that started making their rounds with top tier monsters.

      the classes are the most balanced it has ever been, with every single class being competitively viable in PvE and PvP.

      the game is the most F2P friendly it has ever been, now that any 34C to 38C monster is easily obtained and most 34C functionally viable in even top ten guilds level play.

      the game is the most user-friendly it has ever been, with maybe 1/5 the time spent in menus compared to launch.

      Personally, I hate collabs in general. Maybe you like them, but I hated the awful $ and time investment it took to rank high to get the top 500 monster.

      I think the game is doing very well. It's gross income is showing up in the top 30 lists of Google Playstore, there's enough players farming Purgatory and Carnage endgame content to where I can kick a dozen folks before the timer runs out, and there's usually around 40+ people dueling at any time.

      Of course, people quit after playing the same game for four years. There's a lot of new players taking their spots now. A game is a success if you can keep a player logging in every day for over 2 months, in my opinion. I think your issue is that you aren't really making the most of anything new that ATEAM is crunching out every two weeks.
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      • Matamume
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        I only love collabs for the cosmetics. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ I already know I wouldn't get the super exclusive monsters who are only viable if potted completely, so I only just get the gear for looks.

      • Nemurerumori
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        Yeah, collab cosmetics are super nice. Anything that encourages ateam to release new hairstyles. They did an especially good job with the Fairy Tail hairstyles, because those fit in well with the cosmetics in this game, and some Fate hairstyles are still being used. Some other collabs didn't fare so well, like the Evangelion and Madoka ones are kinda hard to fit the game's cosmetics into, unfortunately. Homura's hairstyle still looks pretty good in some outfits.

        I do want cosmetics from re:zero (BETTY'S EYES) and konosuba (anything megumin obviously)

      Seems like you are the only one


        Not every complain Is automatically a f2p/p2w subject, he has a point that i understand and Is the lack of new content, and Is not because we dont have a single collaboration, the problem Is that the game Is in a state where there is no real incentive to actually PLAY the game, and when i say "play" i mean actually do some missions and farm

        The only thing to aim right now Is to get the new 37 cost monsters from the spawns, that means 2 or 3 months of saving gems or 50 dollars, which Is equally fair for both f2p and p2w players, but what about the rest of the game?, Trials and regular events have such outdated equipment that once you have your xeno weapon you rarely have a reason to do them, the missions with the 35 cost monsters are also outdated and in the time it takes to farm them, you probably have enough gems to spawn a better monster, the events are mixed and ok, but unless you need something for your elemental sets or are willing to spend gems and hours of farming for the pots then you are probably not going to do them, specially if your 37 cost monster from the spawn Is going to be 10 times better (for both f2p and p2w players), damn, even the regular spawns are stuck with outdated stuff of 33 cost and with prices of over 100 gems, so they are not a real option (for both f2p and p2w)

        Lets talk about the updates: the cosmetic raffle was cool, but it wasnt a permanent event and literally you only choose your cosmetics in 2 minutes and then you didnt have anything extra to do, so it was cool and all, but not a real update, and the kodoras... Ohh come on, the extra stats are always welcome and all, but Is not something that really changed or improved the game to make it feel More fun or fresh or with new objectives, you can argue that there is a loooot of end game content to do, like the dragon Princess and farm some ether fragments in the events, but at the end of the day the most important and relevant thing to improve Is to obtain the spawn monsters

        Currently the game Is just a "login and save your gems" or "spend 50 dollars" and thats all, there is no real reward for farming or doing missions, every player can one shot every other player, and every guild can one shot every crystal, and every monster Is a nuclear bomb with 10483283 buffs, and Guess what?, New monsters arent exciting because they are going to be exactly the same but with More points to win in the uni battle

        So yeah, thats basically the state of the game, and no, im not saying that im going to leave and uninstall, i have a guild and good friends, even if the game Is becoming boring for not having anything new, i still love it and im loyal to it, im just saying that until they add some new features the only thing we can do is login and save gems, and play the guild battles against the same guilds
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        • Kayane
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          I totally agree about the oneshot thing and it’s been like that for a loooooooooong time! That is why I don’t care about pvp. Pvp died for me when they stopped being 10+ minute long strategic brawls. It’s kind of just a mindless monster flexing contest now and I don’t understand how anyone can be proud of being top in pvp these days. I enjoy grinding pve battles and collecting cosmetics that is real state of the game for me.

        I admittedly agree with the OP. What are the last big new features introduced by ATeam?
        Fishing, Pets, and Crystal of the Sacred Altar.

        All three tedious grinds. Fishing is literally button mashing. Pets revolve around brain-dead normal quest clears for fruit again and again. And Sacred Altar is an often solo mode, which involves using your optimal skill rotation again... and again... and again to clear the main ladder.

        Just because the game has become more F2P friendly doesn't mean it's become more interesting. A player in a casual guild who can't get a premade for 35c and 40c quests is left with what? Event quests, which are face-rolls even on Carnage with no cleric and no utility? I remember I was well equipped for the 40c Fire quest, but going with randoms was fruitless and frustrating.


          Just quit the game. This isn't the first time someone posts complaints about this game on the forums. If you want to make suggestions then there is a suggestion board. I've been playing every single day and never missed a log in. I'm above 1301 days [Limimin hat FTW] I still play because I enjoy playing a game with my friends. Also, this game is far more fun than most mobile games even though it's not the best game ever. If my friends stopped playing then I probably would too. It's a fun game yeah, however, if it's stressing you out then don't play. When video games become a chore then you should definitely drop it. You're better off helping around the home or performing hobbies. I understand that you have devoted 3 years of your life to hard work. I also understand that how you perceive what is enjoyable can change with time. Do what makes you happy.


            I kinda want new events recently, Such the Bahamut one.


              Find something that you enjoy within the game stick with it whether that would be gbs, quests, friends, or cosmetics. If you really are extremely tired of the game I would recommend you take a break and just come back at a later time.


                I play a lot of games that I consider overall a better game than Unison League in terms of gameplay mechanics and overall balance but there is one thing Unison League does better than any game I’ve ever played and it’s cosmetics. I feel like it’s a few times a month that they bring in a new cosmetic and that alone kinda keeps the game fresh for me! It really helps that when I do feel burned out on UL I don’t really have to do anything too extensive for the daily gem just walk in and out of a gb and logoff takes a few seconds. Most mobile games require you to actually play to get the daily currency. There was a recent update with Kodora pets and it’s given me something to do in UL. I’ve been grinding away for fruits and hatching eggs trying to get the Kodoras that I want.

                PS we need really a pet inventory extension


                • Ouka
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                  I only see 10 slots for pets. How do I get the 30 slots you guys are mentioning? Do I use gems or am I not looking in the correct place?

                • FencingFoxFTW
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                  Ouka Yes, it's in the gem menu, under the Expand Locker option.

                • Ouka
                  Ouka commented
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                  FencingFoxFTW Oh awesome! Thank you so much!

                Ngl, I recently retired on UL cause the spawns are no long viable towards F2P players like me. Also the events makes it stale to play now. If ateam could make such good spawns for F2P people, then I can return once again.
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                  Agree with you, the people who say the game isn’t stale just say a-teams **** for no reason. Repeated events that everyone already has gear for and multiple step up spawns that cost 150+ gems for a single monster. Thanks to the dumbass whales above who spend thousands of dollars on the game but aren’t willing to grind top 500 in a collab a-team can keep bringing out these repeat events cause they’re still making money LOL
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                  • Nemurerumori
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                    The step up spawns are 60 to 120 gems for a single monster

                    150 or higher has not been a thing

                  • niconutela
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                    child mitsunari spawn was 150 gems (like other spawn, it's not <for a single monster> since there are select weapon and def gear in other step, but that one was 150 gems for a child mitsunari)

                    but yeah, other were around 120 gems for the sure new mobs or 90 gems for an old mobs recently

                  • Phoenix
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                    Nemurerumori back in the day when 31 cost mons were meta there were step up spawns that cost upwards of 800-900 gems just to get a random mon from a select pool.

                  i can see your point and where you're coming from;
                  the people who think otherwise may be a little myopic and naive. despite the flatness of the game, it still has nice graphics and is a decent game for a free app. i honestly suggest quitting the app tho, no one is forcing you to play any game


                    TBF, recycling collabs does serve one important purpose: ensuring that people can get extra chances to obtain specific reforge mats for collab Gear.


                      Seems like all we get now are just repeating low cost farm events from 2 years ago.