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    Which events would you like to see?

    Hello guys!

    I hope you are doing well.

    First of all I would to thank Ateam Avia for allowing me to do this post. Without him none of this would be possible. The idea behind this post is as the title says for us to give a feedback on what kind of events we want, however before getting into it. I would like to set a couple of rules to this post and give some explanations as to what we will be doing



    1- No trolling: please take the post seriously.

    2- There are three types of proposals:

    A- Full proposal

    B- Proposal

    C- Theme for an event

    A full proposal is just as it sounds, (I will add a few examples below) If your entry does not include things like the storyline for the event, outline, spawns, monsters, social media campaigns etc.Then it will be considered just as a simple proposal.

    A simple proposal it is just saying what you want and how you want it.

    As for the last category, theme for an event, it is actually very simple, you just have to say that you would like to see an event an event centered around a specific holiday (outside the major ones) or with a specific character in mind. For example an event centered around ancient Rome.


    A few notes

    1- Regarding collab events: While everyone loves collaboration events there are a series of animes IPs That are no way obtainable. Those IPs are the ones that belong to Bandai-Namco (a.k.a the krakens of the anime industry) They own the IPs of: Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, Boku no hero academia, dragon ball, one piece, black clover, //hack, digimon, tales of, Sword art online and so on. Please take my word for it, they do not give this licenses away.

    2-Regarding crossover events: For example, Valkyrie connect x Unison League. It is not like making them is unattractive for the team, both (vk and ul) would love to make such events but there were two problems that didn’t let us have it before:

    A- Story: there are characters that have the same name in both universes. It does not matter what kind of proposal you guys make, you must avoid at all cost to include them. (I have an example which I will show to you down below but i did not manage to remove them all…. I had to keep the Norns)

    B- Programmation language: in the same analogy UL and VK have been working since day 1 with different animation programs (don’t ask how i know this xD) and as such making a crossover it is sorta hard as the work put to it would be gigantic.

    Effort will be put into this but the team would love to work with fresher IPs so the more you have the better.

    3- This is not a rule but it will be appreciated if you manage to include in your proposal a hybrid character.
    We had had a couple of examples in the past like Filo x Miku or Airi x Hawkmin.

    As i created my proposals, I thought of the following characters.

    -Airi x Altera
    -Lieche x Jeanne d’Arc
    -Luca x Bathory Elizabeth
    -Ares x Gawain
    -Airi x Nott = Ainott

    Let your creativity flow :3


    Suggestions that have been already put to the team:

    -Kumo desu ga nani ka?
    -Arifureta -Golden kamui
    -Fate extella-link
    -Kekkai sensen and beyond.

    Most of them (all to be honest) are being considered due to my own insistence and Avia’s titanic effort However, these collaboration IPs are not everything. There are also many <<weird ones>> being pushed to create themed/ seasonal events. For example, we have suggested a collaboration with the English Heritage foundation for a Sherlock Holmes related event to celebrate the 160th anniversary of Arthur Connan Doyle. Other examples include a collaboration event with the chocolate maker Lotte, specifically for St Valentines 2020.


    A few examples of full proposals

    Hehehe and this is it xD.
    We are looking forward to read your entries ^^
    (and if you have any opinions about mine please do share)
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    i was wondering when the sherlock holmes was gonna appear loll

    thanks for all your hard work alby

    not really a proposal, but since we may be getting a Lotte collab, would it be possible to get collabs with other brands (e.g. Sanrio) in the future? just imagine a hello kitty airi
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    Creds to each artist for the gorgeous art<3


    Icons 101


      Honestly i think that an overlord collaboration Is the best thing could happen to this game, overlord is hyper popular and has all the elements to be a good collaboration

      However if i must propose something i would like to have a collaboration with akame ga kill, it has a lot of cool characters and weapons that can be included

      Im just going to leave this improvised póster that i edited and leave the rest to imagination...


        I would be excited to see any of these collaborations:

        Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari, Akame ga Kill, or Darling in the Franxx.

        And a weird one here, Pusheen (GUND).

        I will be posting proposals for Pusheen and Tate no yuusha no nariagari when I finish them but I would like for get the suggestion out there and show support for the other suggested collaborations. Also formatting for me is not working so I don’t know how I’m going to do this.. ugh.
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          The rising of the shield hero.



            please god Tate no yuusha no nariagari collab pls
            I’m not going to bother writing the story part because I am nooooo goooood at that. I also am just keeping up with the anime and have not read the LN or WN but I am basing it off the current 16 episodes that are out. I am aware more characters will be in the series but this is just a start and a very simple proposal with ideas I believe should be included or considered if this were to take place!


            [The Savior of The Heavenly Fowl] Filo
            Element: Wind, (Light or Water based on color)
            Possible Animation: she moves her arm and then becomes her filolian bird form, kicking the enemy, or using wind magic. Or moves her arm to become her bird form, does that teleportation thing and then appears, attacking the enemy.

            [Naofumi’s Sword] Raphtalia
            Element: Light or Dark (Fire based on color)
            Possible Animation: using her sword to slash the enemy or using her sword, becoming haze (invisible) and reappearing to slash the enemy.

            [The Legendary Shield Hero] Naofumi Iwatani
            Element: Wind
            Possible Animation: one of his many shields, could be the venom shield with the snakes, could be shield prison move, it could be air strike shield (that one would look really cool if he is offensive), or the hound shield even

            [Wrath Shield] Naofumi or [Curse Shield] Naofumi
            Element: Fire or Dark
            Possible animation: self explanatory for either of these, they would have differences.

            [Second Princess] Melty Q Melromarc
            Element: Water (Dark or Star based on color)
            Possible Animation: Casting her aqua magic

            [The Legendary Spear Hero] Motoyasu Kitamura
            Element: Fire

            [The Legendary Bow Hero] Itsuki Kawasumi
            Element: Light or Wind

            [The Legendary Sword Hero] Ren Amaki
            Element: Dark or Water

            [True Filolian Queen] Fitoria
            Element: Time
            Possible Animation: thick bird

            [Sword And Shield] Raphtalia and Naofumi
            Element: Time, Light ?
            Possible Animation: Naofumi guarded with an air force shield and Raphtalia rushes forward to slash with her sword

            Airi X Filo
            Element: Light or Water
            Possible animation: Airi riding Filo?

            Raphtalia X Airi
            Element: Water or light
            Possible Animation: Raphtalia in Airi’s clothes raising her sword

            Airi X Raphtalia
            Element: Fire, Water or Time
            Possible Animation: Airi wearing Raphtalia’s clothes, with white cat ears and a cat tail (so she is a Demi human) Raising or slashing her sword

            [Adventurer Princess] Malty S Melromarc
            Element: Fire or Wind
            Possible Animation: uses wind magic

            [Wave Boss] Glass
            Element: Dark

            [Wave boss] L’Arc Berg
            Element: Fire

            [Wave boss] Therese Alexanderite
            Element: Water

            And more, but these are the ones that I decided to include for right now. Did not feel like writing animations for all of them.


            Naofumi, Raphtalia, Filo, Melty, Malty, Ren, Motoyasu, Itsuki, Glass, L’arc, Therese and other characters


            Quests would take place during the waves as if we are fighting them with the heros.
            Like Fate/stay night we could pick a team of one of the four heros and activate one of their abilities during the quest. (Whoever is the host of the quest will have their chosen hero as the leader of the quest)

            We could do this or we could pick a team of Filo or Raphtalia and activate their slave crests for an ultimate attack during the quest, but I like the first idea better.

            Monsters in the quest could be various dark monsters from Unison League and maybe the Soul Eater monster from Tate no yuusha no Also the wave bosses.


            some things that could be included are

            Raphtalia’s Garb
            Raphtalia’s Ears
            Flio’s Dress
            Flio’s Hairpin
            Naofumi’s Armor
            Itsuki’s Garb
            Ren’s Cuirass
            Motoyasu’s Armor
            Malty’s Armor
            Malty’s Hair tie
            Melty’s Dress
            Melty’s Hair ribbons
            L’Arc’s Armor

            Legendary Shield: Relic
            Legendary Spear: Lancer
            Legendary Bow: Bow
            Legendary Sword: Sword
            Staff ???

            Raphtalia’s Sword: Sword
            Glass’s blade fan: Staff
            Glass’s blade fan (Crossbow form): Gun

            LIMITED TIME PET

            Limited time Filolian Eggs

            The pet will be a normal Filolian for everyone in a randomized color with a randomized element or all Time Elemental.


            The pet will be a Filolian Queen for everyone in a randomized color and element or all Time Elemental.

            In either circumstance, the Pet cannot breed.
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              Bahamut! We need that event, RELEASE THAT EVENT ATEAM!



                After being contacted by Airi, excitedly rushed to meet her. While out walking, she had stumbled upon a possible new monster.

                When I came to see her she was puzzled and ended up introducing me, rather than showing me to a ‘monster’ that looked like a rather normal cat.

                “This cat-monster is calling herself Pusheen, I found her looking confused when I was walking..” Airi started, gesturing to the cute, round thing. “She is looking for her friends, she said”

                “We found a weird stone, so we were playing with it in the grass and suddenly I am here. I think my friends are here too, help me find them!” The cat pleaded, proceeding to explain them,

                “My brothers Pip and Stormy are—“
                But before she could get any further, a few monsters began to attack in the clearing, attracted by the voices and the unusual aura coming from the cat.

                “Stay back! We will protect you!”


                Protect and carry Pusheen through waves of monsters trying to capture her and her cute friends.

                As the story progresses, the other characters will be introduced as they are found. (Stormy, Pip, Cheek, Pugsheen, and Sloth)

                The ranking monster could be:

                Airi X Pusheen
                (Airi dressed in pink and blue Pusheen colors, riding a giant Pusheen with Pip and Stormy in her arms)

                Possible monsters could be;

                Madia X Pusheen and friends
                (Madia dressed in a lighter pink, blue or yellow outfit, with her stuffed animals replaced with Pusheen and friends)

                Belzura X Cheek the Hamster

                Belvia X Sloth the Sloth

                Revere X Stormy

                Lux X Pusheen

                Supervia X Pip

                Donera X Dinosheen

                And additionally or possibly

                A monster that is Pusheen in a Demi-human form holding Pip and Stormy in her arms and also wearing the Quicksilver Overcoat gearset. She would have gray hair, cat ears and a cat tail and have a similar expression to Pusheen and retain her character

                Limited time pets

                Pets cannot (or maybe then can?) breed.

                The egg will hatch and will be

                (Idea 1- like the series 9 blind boxes, the pets can be one of 8 Dinosheens)

                (Idea 2- the pusheen will be one of 7 elementally based pusheens, on the 7 unison league elements)

                I don’t really know about the armor and weapons honestly.. and the story I don’t really know about either! This may be a bad idea but ^ someone suggested Hello Kitty as well lol. I know Pusheen is popular with a pretty wide audience so it would be cute, I think, and I’m being selfish but I want a pet pusheen so bad lol


                  UNISON LEAGUE X LINE


                  - Limimin Emotes/Stickers
                  - Airi Stickers
                  - Unison League Theme

                  UNISON LEAGUE:

                  - Weapons based on the Line friends
                  - Armor/clothing based on Line friends
                  - Line friend suits
                  - Line friend monsters cosplaying as other monsters
                  - Line friend emotes
                  - Line friend furniture plushies
                  - Line friend plushies as a Pet Cosmetic to hold
                  - Line friends SR gear themed



                    POSSIBLE WEAPONS:

                    - Pt. 1 weapons based from each robot, there are 5 mechas so a weapon for each class can be created based on each of the robots that can correlate with what they use in the anime
                    - Pt. 2 weapons can be based on klaxosaurs

                    POSSIBLE GEAR:

                    - Plug suits that all the characters have worn. (Female white suits in all the colors, male black suits with right colors, red male suits of the nines, red female elite suit)
                    - Male and female base uniforms, zero two base red outfit, nana outfit, hachi outfit, dr franxx outfit, full zero two white suit and outfit together, zero two horns and headpiece, Hiro horns, alternate modern clothing from ending sequence (ex: zero two with red scarf), all masks of the people in APE and their matching clothing piece, male and female swimsuits, Ichigo hair pin, Ikuno glasses, Goro glasses, Kokoro headband
                    - Armor and clothing based on the mechas, some from characters above such as dr franxx, Klaxosaur Princess outfit or zero two’s red uniform outfit

                    POSSIBLE MONSTERS:

                    [Code 002] Zero Two
                    Element: Fire
                    Possible Animation: Similar to Asuka X Unit 02, she would have Strelizia Beast Form behind her.

                    [Code 016] Hiro
                    Element: Water
                    Possible Animation: Similar to Asuka X Unit 02, he would have Strelizia behind him.

                    [Code 015] Ichigo
                    Element: Water
                    Possible Animation: Similar to Asuka X Unit 02, she would have Delphinium behind her.

                    [Code 556] Kokoro
                    Element: Wind
                    Similar to Asuka X Unit 02, she would have Genista behind her.

                    [Code 326] Mitsuru
                    Element: Wind
                    Similar to Asuka X Unit 02, he would have Genista behind him.

                    [Code 390] Miku
                    Element: Fire
                    Similar to Asuka X Unit 02, she would have Argentea behind her.

                    [Code 196] Ikuno
                    Element: Dark
                    Similar to Asuka X Unit 02, she would have Chlorophytum behind her.

                    [Code 214] Futoshi
                    Element: Light
                    Similar to Asuka X Unit 02, he would have Chlorophytum behind him.

                    [Code 056] Goro
                    Element: Water
                    Similar to Asuka X Unit 02, he would have Delphinium behind him.

                    [Code 666] Zorome
                    Similar to Asuka X Unit 02, he would have Argentea behind him.

                    OR —

                    [Code 002 X 015] Zero Two and Hiro
                    Element: Time, Fire or Light
                    Possible Animation: The Two Pilots together in pilot suits

                    [Code 016 X 056] Ichigo and Goro
                    Element: Water
                    Possible Animation: The Two Pilots together in pilot suits

                    [Code 556 X 326] Kokoro and Mitsuru
                    Element: Wind
                    Possible Animation: The Two Pilots Together in pilot suits

                    [Code 390 X 666] Miku and Zorome
                    Element: Light, Time or Fire
                    Possible Animation: The Two Pilots Together in pilot suits

                    [Code 196 X 214] Ikuno and Futoshi
                    Element: Dark
                    Possible Animation: The Two Pilots Together in pilot suits

                    ___ additionally

                    [Code 001] Klaxosaur Princess
                    Element: Water, Star or Dark

                    Element: Fire

                    Element: Wind

                    Element: Dark

                    Element: Light

                    Element: Water

                    [Apus] Strelizia
                    Element: Time

                    [Beast Mode] Strelizia
                    Element: Fire

                    Airi X Klaxosaur
                    Element: Star or Water
                    Possible Animation:
                    Airi is in a black or white and blue pilot suit with a Klaxosaur that looks like a Limimin or a Klaxosaur in the series behind her.


                    Separated hair and face cosmetics for:
                    zero two, Hiro, kokoro, mitsuru, goro, ichigo, ikuno, zorome, miku, futoshi, naomi, nana, hachi, dr franxx, klaxo princess, all of the 9’s


                    Pt. 1 quests are escort type, escorting Hiro while we fight Klaxosaurs and various unison league dark monsters

                    Pt. 2 quests are escort type, escorting Zero Two while fighting VIRM soldiers and various dark unison league monsters

                    Instead of escort quests, quests are similarly functioning like fate/stay night quests, where we select one of the 5 mechas teams each day and whichever player hosts the quest will have their selected mecha fight with the team and unleash a powerful move once charged.

                    PET/ PET ITEMS:

                    Zero two horns, Hiro horns, Ichigo hairpin, Picture book


                      There are some good proposals here

                      Let's keep them coming ^^/


                        The potential for a Persona collab is so obvious and it pains me that no one ever suggests it.


                          I'm probably breaking a forum rule proposing this but I just want to throw out the idea

                          Unison League X Fire Emblem Heroes
                          Unison League:
                          Some of the more well-known or prominent weapons from FE (i.e. Falchion)
                          Characters based on some of the more popular characters in FE Heroes or FE in general (i.e. Hector)
                          Characters based on some of the main characters in FE Heroes (i.e Alfonse/Sharena)
                          Super mega OP characters in treasure spawns or high investment step ups (i.e. Grima)
                          Defence gear based on attire for specific classes (i.e. Dark Knight armour)
                          Story-driven event quests w/ character-themed eyes and hairs as rewards
                          The usual quest to get keys and the quest that expends keys

                          FE Heroes:
                          A banner with Unison League characters (i.e Airi)
                          A grand hero battle with another Unison League character as a reward
                          A few paralogues with a Unison League-related storyline

                          I'm pretty sure this wouldn't happen because Nintendo is involved here, but here's to hoping I guess.

                          In Game Name: 『 Night ♪ 』 | ID: 2028809196 Level 200 | 940k Lancer (407k Atk)
                          Alt In Game Name: §nu ♦ Night | ID: 2146066960 Level 200 | 701k Mage (291k Matk)
                          Alt In Game Name: §nu ♦ Midnight | ID: 2122785494 Lv200 | 634k Archer (187k Atk/Matk)


                            My boyfriend wrote this one up! He doesn’t have a forum account, but when I told him about the suggestion for Akame ga Kill X Unison League he decided he wanted to support it with a proposal so here it is! I think it’s really good

                            UNISON LEAGUE X AKAME GA KILL

                            POSSIBLE WEAPONS:

                            [Demon Sword] Incursio
                            [One Cut Killer] Murasame

                            [March of the Dead] Yatsufusa (this imperial arm is a katana but used often like a staff to reanimate the dead)
                            -staffs are just tricky-

                            [Military Music Dream] Scream
                            [Phantasmagoria] Gaea Foundation

                            [Roman Artillery] Pumpkin
                            [Purgatory’s Invitation] Rubicante

                            [Cutter of Creation] Extase
                            [Infinite Uses] Cross Tail (spear form)

                            [Demon Spear] Incursio (was used by former owner of Incursio, Bulat)
                            Wave’s Spear
                            [Demon God Manifestation] Demon’s Extract (golden chalice can be used as a relic)
                            Seryu’s biological Imperial Arms, Koro, can also be used as a relic when not in it’s berserk form as she often holds him like a puppy.

                            POSSIBLE GEAR:

                            Tatsumi’s Armor
                            (probably sr cosmetic) Tatsumi’s Clothes
                            Lubbock’s Clothes
                            Leone’s Garb
                            Akame’s Clothes
                            Mine’s Dress
                            Sheele’s Dress
                            General Najenda’s Clothes
                            Chelsea’s Clothes
                            Wave’s Armor
                            Kurome’s Clothes
                            Bol’s Garb
                            Run’s Clothes
                            Esdeath’s Outfit

                            POSSIBLE MONSTERS:

                            [Incursio] Tatsumi
                            Element: Wind
                            Possible Animation: Tatsumi uses his sword to transform into his armor

                            [Cursed Blade] Akame
                            Element: Fire
                            Possible Animation: Akame unsheathes her sword before attacking

                            [Pumpkin Sniper] Mine
                            Element: Haste
                            Possible Animation: Mine fires a charged sniper shot

                            [Infinite Strings] Lubbock
                            Element: Wind
                            Possible Animation: Lubbock lunges his arms forwards and releases a plethora of metal strings

                            [Incursio] Bulat
                            Element: Water or Haste
                            Possible Animation: Bulat charges his spear and lunges it forward

                            [Animal Queen] Leone
                            Element: Light
                            Possible Animation: Leone extends her claws and pounces

                            [Fashionable Disguise] Chelsea
                            Element: Fire
                            Possible Animation: Chelsea begins in the form of a small cat and transforms into herself with her signature makeup kit (similar to the anime)

                            [Mad Scientist] Dr. Stylish
                            Element: Wind
                            Possible Animation: ????

                            [Five Sights] Zanku
                            Element: ?
                            Possible Animation: |Opens the eye of his Imperial Arms and the screen flashes?|

                            [Vengeful Tamer] Seryu
                            Element: Fire or Haste
                            Seryu has a sinister look on her face while her biological Imperial Arms, Koro, transforms into its berserk form

                            [Raging Flames] Bols
                            Element: Fire
                            Possible Animation: Fires his flamethrower

                            [Puppet Master] Kurome
                            Element: Dark
                            Possible Animation: Raises her katana and releases purple necromancy energy

                            [Fallen Angel] Run
                            Element: Light
                            Possible Animation: while flying Run extends one arm and fires his holy projectiles

                            [Grand Chariot] Wave
                            Element: Water
                            Possible Animation: Wave uses his sword to transform into his armor

                            [Demon Manifestation] Esdeath
                            Element: Water
                            Possible Animation: Creates ice shards and blasts them

                            [Flash Cutter] Sheele
                            Element: Dark
                            Possible Animation: Sheele twirls her scissors and shines the blinding light (or clamps them together)

                            [Corrupt Ruler] Emperor
                            Element: Dark
                            Possible Animation: his imperial arms opens its mouth and fires a concentrated laser blast

                            [Master and Weapon] Najenda X Susanoo
                            Element: Haste
                            Najenda points while Susanoo attacks on her behalf

                            [Night Raid] Akame X Tatsumi
                            Element: Star
                            Possible Animation: Tatsumi and Akame stand side by side with their swords drawn and point them downward


                            Separated hair and face cosmetics for:
                            Tatsumi, Akame, Mine, Lubbock, Leone, Sheele, Chelsea, Susanoo, Bulat, Najenda, Wave, Kurome, Run, Seryu, Bols, Dr. Stylish, Esdeath, Emperor


                            Plushies for: Akame, Tatsumi, Leone, Mine, Esdeath, as well as other popular lead characters. (Koro translates well into a plushie)


                            Part 1:
                            Normal Quest against waves of Kurome’s reanimated servants (can use ghostly dark monsters) Kurome will be the Final Boss.


                            Escort Quest with Tatsumi to defeat waves of zombified enemies attacking the Night Raid Outpost. Tatsumi can periodically buff allies or attack enemies.

                            Part 2:
                            9 Player raid against the Emperor.


                            Normal Quest with mini bosses each round consisting of characters from Jaegers. (Run, Wave, Bols, Seryu, etc.) Esdeath will be the true final Boss.

                            Players might be able to farm keys and use them in Prestige Quests. Ranking rewards may be the Tatsumi x Akame Monster or Najenda X Susanoo.

                            PET/ PET ITEMS:
                            Incursio Helmet
                            Mine’s Pigtails
                            Sheele’s Scissors
                            Akame’s Blade
                            Koro Face?

                            Since Kodoras are coming out soon too maybe specialized Danger Beast outfits for them?
                            I.E. Incursio’s Dragon


                              Whelp there’s a game called For Honor, it would be nice to see the many classes and there weapons incorporated into monsters or weapons....