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[Vote] Which updates would you like to see?

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    Also, will the current furniture spawn be here for a long time? My furniture storage is full, and I still have the rabbit egg plushies from the Rabby event in my present box :/ I wasn't able to collect some furniture from last Eva collab and the aquarium furniture spawn too, due to my furniture inventory being full.


      Thanks to everyone for casting their votes!
      I'll compile these results and share them with the team.
      I'll try my best to keep you guys updated with info regarding any of these.


      • Matamume
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        Thank you Avia! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧<3

      If Video Point Spawn's going to be our priority update, I hope at the least (since Japanese UL has also forgotten about re-releasing them) re-release old currently-unobtainable Monsters through Video Point Spawns, and possibly more Time and Star Gear like the Monochrome and Guardian Angel Series (Red Riding and the others can still remain in Unison Favorites).

      By old Monsters, I mean cosplay Monsters that Unison Favorite Spawns and lots of other Spawns haven't re-released for years. Monsters like Diva Nyx can still see Colo play as an alternative to Kroyt when Wind element Monsters are restricted. And for collection purposes like Dragoon Cuchulainn, Maid Alice, and more.
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        Ateam Avia

        ​Just a small poke to know if there is any plan to add the 6th rings skill update (JP notice: ) and possibly 5th ring enchantments to global, thanks

        edit : thanks

        tryed to comment but it bugged
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        • Ateam Avia
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          I'll look into this!

        • Ateam Avia
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          I'll speak to the team about this.

        • niconutela
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          and look like the forum bugged since the 2 other comments aren't here
          just that I am not sure if JP got 5th ring enchantments yet