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[Vote] Which updates would you like to see?

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    [Vote] Which updates would you like to see?

    I have compiled the list of improvements with the help of Albus (thanks!), so here goes!
    Please vote for the improvements that you want to see the most.
    (Multiple selections are possible, but please avoid checking them all as that would defeat the purpose of this poll.)

    I'll gather the results on 5/7 and send them to the team that week.
    If your suggestion didn't make the cut, don't be disheartened as there were a lot of suggestions and we needed to streamline them for this poll. We're always open to suggestions, so if you post them in the suggestions section, when we have time, we'll add them to our list.
    1) Video Spawns - Increase the rates on powerful Gear and include higher Cost Gear
    2) Recruitment Board - It's a mess. Let's fix it.
    3) Elemental Advantages - Make elements more relevant in all aspects of the game.
    4) Inventory - More Gear and Furniture slots and more Gear Presets
    5) Quests - Add C28+ Monsters to Ordeal Quests and improve the Labyrinth of Tartarus
    6) Guild Customization - More customization for the Guild hall and Guild
    7) Social Media - More Social media campaigns like the Cosmetic Raffle
    8) Fishing - Expand the fishing feature
    9) Test Dummy - For testing damage
    10) RGB Weapons - New RGB weapons for the 6th ring Classes

    Rip extra classes .-.


    • Bassoon240
      Bassoon240 commented
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      Pretty much. Disappointed. D:

    • Kloudii
      Kloudii commented
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      If you do put better weapons on quest, can the gear have speical abilities for intermediates and beginners?

    I can't wait to see the results hehe


      Every option includes the suggestions made on the suggestion section? Like
      The video spawn improvement includes the suggestion on stellar gear tickets/ point system etc that were suggested on the thread I made?

      Same goes for the dummy thread


        I voted for everything!


        • Nemurerumori
          Nemurerumori commented
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          In your efforts of doing everything you could, you accomplished nothing in the end.

        • Imperialroyal
          Imperialroyal commented
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          Nemurerumori I actually didn’t see that part saying not to vote everything and now I feel bad

        • Nemurerumori
          Nemurerumori commented
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          Such an action would be a blasphemer's rebellion against our gods.

        i would LOVE more guild customization! hope it gets more votes


          Thanks for compiling this list, Avia!! Glad to see our voices being heard!
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          My top 5 monster setup.


            Perhaps another Limimin expedition option for fruit would be nice


              im on my knees

              recruitment board pls b fixed

              Els**** forums got boring--- I'll just be lurking here every now and then
              Casually likes quality posts


                Awesome job on the list! Would their be any way that you could limit the votes of each person to only two selections? It would help them decide which ideas to prioritize instead of selecting them all.
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                • niconutela
                  niconutela commented
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                  kinda sure that the forum don't have this option, can only hope that people won't just <vote for everything> (insert crow of judgement)


                • Ateam Avia
                  Ateam Avia commented
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                  I tried to do that, but there was only the option of all or just one :/

                • ICreate49
                  ICreate49 commented
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                  Ahh, gotcha. I understand now.

                Serious players are going to do the most reasonable and beneficial option for them and vote for the Video Point Spawn idea. Which kind of sucks for the ones who want to see older content in the game get improved and updated. I do want to see something done with Labyrinth of Tartarus so that we can finally obtain the Uranos Series of Gear even if they're still heavily outdated stats and skill wise (mainly their use are for cosmetic reasons now). Maybe introduce a new series of Gear alongside reforming Tartarus (like how Mobius have Nebula Gear now).

                For Ordeal Quests, we still don't have Japanese UL's update of having Element Medal Gear obtainable as Stamp Rewards. Was that forgotten to be added in Global UL?
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                • TaikunZ
                  TaikunZ commented
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                  To add, if there's suggestions I can make for Social Media, I wish Global UL also had a Twitter for the sake of posting more Official Illustrations and Sketches with the Gear's official English description. Facebook massacres image quality compared to Twitter's image uploading.

                  I'm also partly biased with this, but I think the most interactions in Social Media for UL would be in Instagram. I think there's something for UL to make an IG account to post ads or gear description content and another place for fanart features too. The more hashtags you guys would use the better reach.

                Among the options I would add, Colosseum event and mobius event, alternating every 14 days .. for the new colo / mob equipment and the future armor granvia uur, we really need lots of these medals...
                Pls Avia


                  The damage test dummy is the next feature they should add. This type of thing should have been implemented ages ago. Top players should want this to test their sets.
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                    Nothing about jp collabs.... I just want the cosmetics 😭 I don't care how many gems they cost I just want the cosmetiiicccsssss


                      ( )
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