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    Most Useful Class in PvE

    Treasure Hunter

    As a mage main, mages are great for dps against single targets with Ancient Spell, and Siphon helps them become a bit more self sustaining. They also have some good utility moves if for some reason you decide to bring them.

    Having said all that I still voted for TH
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    • Imperialroyal
      Imperialroyal commented
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      arcana world and why TH? if you explain mage you hafta explain TH lol

    Mage no doubt. 5 extra elements for all of the basic elements. Ancient Spell is stupidly op in quests. Lifesteal is very useful for survival. And the 6th ring abilities for Zodiac class aren't limited by weapon type. This means you can equip both Ancient Spell and Siphon for very high DPS.


      Lol why is Mage winning? Lancer does more damage and Breaks. Treasure Hunter gives more loot. Archer has more useful utility.


      • Match-i
        Match-i commented
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        I think the question is too broad lol. Simple questions mean people use the knowledge they have already and answer.

        Like.. You don't need a Th if you have someone throw lucky cat
        Or there might be people who don't realize that break increases damage dealt... And think it only gives uni drop down... Random stuff

        Where's the option for every class but cleri- jk

      • Saturn
        Saturn commented
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        Tbh I expected TH to have the most votes. That seemed like the perfect answer to this broad question.

      Question is waaay too vague to be answered properly. You could be looking for dps classes in a party, or the class with useful utilities for most runs, or even a mix of everything depending on the run, and let's not even mention Raids. There is no "single most useful class" to run in PvE.

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        I agree with those stating that the question is too broad. Really depends what you’re doing in PvE. Every class has its own niche depending on what you need for that particular quest. In PvE elemental advantage is more important than what class.
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          Lancer for the breaks and such...


            Lancer for the breaks and such...


              Just solely based on pve circumstances, a mage or a lancer would be great. Archers would be great too. It really depends on the quest, and who is running with u.


                In terms of class utility, i think mage and lancer probably win for pve. Breaks and a great EE debuff work in lancer's favor. Self heals, head start on elemental damage, two great PL replacements, and a good EE buff work in mage's favor.

                Which one is absolutely better probably depends on party composition and which quest you're doing, but both are fantastic.

                Pretty surprised at archer's votes here. They're good dps traditionally, but of all classes i see, players who come archer are the least likely to bring utility.
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                • GrimTony
                  GrimTony commented
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                  Archer votes are not surprising at all. Have you not seen the Bow Archer build? With Rapid Fire, Beautiful Nature and Feather Rain? Blows mage utility out of the water.

                • HotMessExpress
                  HotMessExpress commented
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                  Are archers using these useful abilities, or are they sticking to the absolute highest dps skills? I haven't been playing much lately, but I'm still seeing a ton of the latter.

                • Nemurerumori
                  Nemurerumori commented
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                  Rapidfire Featherrain is enough. You don't really need Beautiful Nature.

                  And yes, this is an amazing build.

                Actually, All the classes have utility for PVE

                Mage: Best Elemental DPS because of their 5th ring passives
                Lancer: Best Breaker (I swear, if someone say they are DPS, i will break my head)
                Archer: Best No-Break DPS and Support
                Cleric: Healer, What else lol
                Soldier: Well... I would say they are Hybrid of DPS and Tank
                TH: Best at getting loots on final stage by their 25% chance and Support as well
                Rook: Class that made Soldier go to shame, Tank
                Berseker: Suicide, Better at PVP than PVE


                • Nemurerumori
                  Nemurerumori commented
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                  that's okay
                  just keep in mind those AP increases per hit on a broken target keep adding to the next hit (not to be confused with the benefits of break itself, I mean the additional effect on the new abilities)
                  so it gains hundreds of bonus AP every cast

                  so both break lancers and crit lancers are super strong

                • FireIce
                  FireIce commented
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                  Nemurerumori From my personal experience with both lancers and mages, mages seem to do more consistent damage than lancers. I do agree that lancers may have higher dps when the target is broken though.

                • Nemurerumori
                  Nemurerumori commented
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                  It's an issue of gearing floor and ceiling.

                  The baseline gearing for Mage with sixth ring abilities will consistently be high.
                  Lancer has special conditions to fulfill to inflict bonus damage, which is done through specialized gearing, such as Divine Physical Testament, Fatal weapons/armors, Pursuit Testaments, Critical Rate Constants, and unisons that boost Critical Rate and Critical Damage.

                  The rare outlet for massive damage increase for Mage would be to utilize unisons that boost accuracy for Ancient Spell. HUGE difference in DPS.

                Player with high elemental attack and defense regardless of class > anyone else


                  I don't think it really matters anymore. If you're built well, & know what you're doing you're, gonna be useful.
                  I chose cleric, but only because I could l think of quests I couldn't clear without one.
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