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    Hey guys, anyone else noticing dark athena in guild raids having a broken heal, healing 25% of a health bar on hard difficulty, and there not being any numbers to show? Or a move that activates? And why jynx doesn’t work on her to prevent this? Or why 7 of 10 people of all pretty high end gs players with fully mastered roles cannot pass it? Anyone else having these issues? Is there a way around this? Or is it an ACTUAL glitch?

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    She is using the healing wind effect to heal and if you look you can see the green numbers when she heals. It's a 2 stack of healing wind pretty sure.


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      Nope, the 2 stack isn’t what I’m talking about... with the healing wind, she heals 300k health every few seconds. Which is a slow health gain. The one I’m talking about, has no numbers, and jumps up 25%-50% of a life bar that takes a while to get down. All the damage we do in a 40 second to minute time frame is undone. We get her down to green- yellow and she starts implementing this. We are literally brick walled cause of this healing. We cannot get her down any further cause she keeps doing this. There isn’t even a name for the move. It just happens. And we have 3 archers hitting her with jynx, and it doesn’t work. It feels a lot like it’s a glitch, but I didn’t know if anyone else was having the same issue.


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        If anyone has Roy Mustang, use him. He does the 70% less healing


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          She also ignores the negation of buffs field effect from Scar.


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            My gurl Athena doing things while im gone ;DDDD

            How's Uni League holding up on everyone? ;DDD Same game that was since last summer i assume.
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              This is part of the skill wall in raids. Everything you described should be occuring. Jinx doesnt work, you need to use unison monsters. The skill she uses is Shield of Aegis and it is the 2 stack healing wind that is causing this.

              Use a monster that removes healing when she uses that skill:
              Yuki is a free 34c water mon that does this


              • 16r28r
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                Does the mage ability - Dispel - work?
                <Removes continuous healing, attack speed and cost recovery speed buffs from single enemy>

              • Crito
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                16r28r I used Dispel for guild raids in the past few days; it Works
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              People shouldn't have multiple utilities that don't touch her, it's not balanced. It's trash that you go out of your way to find skill abilities and monster abilities that are supposed to help BASED ON THE PLAIN TEXT but only a small subset of monsters do anything and there isn't at least a textual explanation as to why.

              The generous explanation is that it's a bug, the less generous explanation is that they just set her to ignore any monster under 34cost and any player skills because they want your mom's credit card to win for you.


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                Does anyone know if stun locking her will work. Diminish, Quartser waltz, jinx, demoralize, omen, and blunt stun. has anyone tried to keep it in a stun lock or is that not possible by chance? i know in tower of judgement you can stun lock them if you get the props at constant. does it work in raids?


                • Matamume
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                  Not really in this case. Quaser Waltz and Jinx used to work on her, but this time around it looks like she's immune to curse or stuns. I do know that Dispel works on her though when she has continuous healing on.

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                She's always a pain.

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