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Ranked Guild Battles - Frequency

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    Ranked Guild Battles - Frequency

    Seeing the notice pop up today after we just finished one, left me with some mixed feelings on the event. How often do you think we should have ranked battles?
    Every month
    Every 2 months
    Every 3 months
    Every 4 months
    Every 6 months
    More than 6 months

    Every month is great for me. Partially so I don't have to wait so long to get more medals.
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    • Tigre_Vorn
      Tigre_Vorn commented
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      You're getting your wish. Do you even play anymore tho?

    • Matamume
      Matamume commented
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      I do play still, lol though majority here believes 3 months is best. Not that big of a deal for me either way. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Every 10-12 weeks would be nice. Any more frequent than that, the event loses its charm and it starts to feel more like ATEAM is making a desperate money grab (knowing people will whale to be competitive).


      I'm cool with 4x a year. Every three months sounds good. Not too much, not too little.


        Every three months seems fine for me. There isn't much to gain from Rankeds for old players right now.
        Honestly, I just want the medal exchange to be updated with new things, be it gear, furniture, anything, as the legend medals lost their value for people who already got their Nulls, furnitures and reforged their Granvia gears.

        ¤ LichtKreis ¤


          Every Month would be better for myself as I need the medals :/ But 3 month is sensible too


            3 months for me, I already got what i needed and well... I don't want to pass the entire stress on game because of Ranked.


              Originally posted by Matamume View Post
              Every month is great for me. Partially so I don't have to wait so long to get more medals.

              Your name makes me think of metalmamemon

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              • Matamume
                Matamume commented
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                I prefer Smiley Bomber. ツ

              • Shanoa
                Shanoa commented
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                One of the best

              So some want one a month, and some want one per 3 months... so the middle-ground would be every 2 months. Which is exactly what ATeam is doing.

              All right great talk everyone, wrap it up


              • Deus Vult
                Deus Vult commented
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                I second that

              i think i’d go insane if it was every month so no thnx

              Creds to each artist for the gorgeous art<3


              Icons 101


                Ateam Avia thoughts? From the small sample size so far, every 2 months is too much and is taking away from the enjoyment of ranked battles. Also we need something to spend our medals on... I have over 2k sitting there doing nothing and I’m sure others are in the same boat.


                • Ateam Avia
                  Ateam Avia commented
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                  I'm gonna wait until this gathers some more votes before passing this to the team.
                  A bigger pool will have more weight when sharing with the team!

                • Socket
                  Socket commented
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                  Yep 2171 for me, most people don’t want the stress of RGB when they don’t Benefit from it, what I mean is getting more gold medals means nothing to them

                Three months would be nice. Every two months just seems too soon. I like to be able to relax for a while just like how I'm able to this week. Can just focus on running for augments and such.

                Nice to be able to put the phone down and enjoy the nice freezing weather outside.


                  Most of the rewards are outdated. Why do i want to play RGB?


                    And then once a year a jpul vs global tourney with a certain amount of cost to be distributed for gear as well as a cap on monsters to use


                      I voted every 3 months. I'd honestly be more inclined to spend if it was an even less frequent event, and I'd appreciate it if we had more time for mobi/colo inbetween.
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