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  • Special Spawn Results.

    the 25 GEM for 27c+ Monster granted me Gigantes(pfffft).
    Lets see the results

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    got 35 cost staff on mage main
    got mage stat suth on archer alt


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      for 15 gem got 35 cost Bastet, stats mage, finally!


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        off stat summer venus on archer main :’)
        mage stat belvia on mage alt
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        • Albus
          Albus commented
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          she got (or will get pots soon) so all good

        • twentyrose
          twentyrose commented
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          doubt i'll ever get an on stat one to awaken tho :')

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        I got one 36 cost hat ( the one that has light bulwark)

        I also got two mage monsters

        1-Mortal Sin of lust, Luxderia
        2-Sin of greed Madia

        (Not that i am complaining tho but why Madia has a different name structure than the rest of the sins.... All the other 6 sins are '' Mortal Sin of yadda yadda yadda, Insert name here ''

        One can't help but wonder)


        • Albus
          Albus commented
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          Also as a little piece of lore... do you Think Chloe and Madia would get along? I mean Chloe has something that Madia wants (cute toys) I can easily see the two fighting more often than not xD.

        • Imperialroyal
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          Hey that's a good drawing idea and yeah that named confused me for a bit

        • Albus
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          Imperialroyal Ohhhh indeed it is hehehe What do you have in mind???

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        Archer stat aquarius for my archer. For 15 gems I am not complaining.


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          I just wanted to share my luck: 3x featured spawn. 35c Forest defender lance, 36c ice hair clip, 36c luxon armor and I did the 15 gems weapon for kicks and giggles and got the 35c forest defender mage staff, main class is lancer


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            im lancer and my lancer friend both got ice bow from featured
            another lancer friend got the wind relic
            Soyyy | ID: 2012183903
            F2P 803k lancer

            YT: SoyyyUL
            Love my guildies!!! <3


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              Featured spawn Hades with off stats


              • #10
                luxon antenna (reflect reduction)

                Creds to each artist for the gorgeous art<3


                Icons 101


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                  Only did 15 gem featured, got Exorcism Relic 35c. I'm lancer tho


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                    Don't do the the 25 gem spawn it's pretty much a scam.
                    I've yet to meet someone who hasn't gotten a 32c from it.


                    • Matamume
                      Matamume commented
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                      My brother got Archer stats Brahma, which is 35c when UR.

                      I got Mage stats Summer Bastet, which is also 35c when UR.

                      So not so bad. But I can agree the 32c is the highest probability for this spawn.

                  • #13
                    35c ice staff and 36c armor from 2 featured spawn. Got that stupid 32c bow of sung bow from weapon spawn and I'm a freakin val dragoon...


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                      Did the featured on my main only all three times so far. These are my results:

                      Main: Two 35c Male Himiko headbands and the 35c Ice bow.

                      The headbands are ok. Main selling point for me is that they're time element which I do need for the 40c star dragon. The ice bow is meh, but still will use for the stats and constant.


                      • #15
                        Did featured 3 times.

                        Got 35c Star helm, 36 cost reflect reduction helm, and an ATK/MATK Ponpon