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Petition for konosuba collab global

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    Petition for konosuba collab global

    I think we all deserve more collabs for global, and what better way to do it than the super popular konosuba amine? I think it'd be absolutely awesome to get the konosuba collab in global considering it's still pretty popular. If you weren't aware they already had this collab in JP so it wouldn't be impossible for this to happen. I'm sure everyone would absolutely love to see this collab, if not love at least be happy we didn't get another one of the same 4 or 5 we've had. (Not to mention A-team will probably rack in a few bucks from this as well). If we do manage to get this collab to global we might also get other collabs we've missed out on top which would be AMAZING! I'm not saying I want this collab immediately or anything but sometime soon would be nice.

    Thank you for your consideration
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    It's not a matter of popularity- it is a matter of will the owner/owners of Konosuba allow for it, as in the end, it is their IP to determine what to do with it, not Ateam's. If popularity was the only factor, we would have already had the Re:Zero and Attack on Titan collabs here (since they have equal/greater popularity), which we haven't.


    • JtheDuelist
      JtheDuelist commented
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      Also, sharing external links is forbidden by forum rules.

    A petition will do nothing, and we just got done with a collab. Please no

    (Konosuba is fantastic though. Everyone watch it right now)


      Forget about whatever anime is that, I vote for a different collaboration in fact one that isn't anime let's do a Kirby collaboration with Marx must be a 37 cost unison or maybe the first 38 with an awaking of 39 yes


      • Jaydz321
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        First off, Nintendo is a big gaming company. So do you actually think they would give Ateam rights to that?

      • Lucihere
        Lucihere commented
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        Nope but I think it be pretty cool just dreaming about that Marx turning into a black hole doing 1 billon DMG to all players including your own team is just amazing

      OK let's just stop. No. Konosuba won't be good anymore. Same with AoT and Re:Zero.

      Would it be fun in theory? Yes. Will everyone complain cause it's outdated? Yes. Because it's what we do.

      Not to mention. The monsters/gear are not viable anymore. So, yeah. Can we stop asking for old outdated collabs. We all know how it's gonna end. With everyone saying ateam sucks, and doesn't know what they are doing.


      • Keiryu
        Keiryu commented
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        Oh I agree. A guild mate used Sayaka a lot. However. That does not change the posts people made. Calling them useless, and the whole collab not worth it.

        I am just stating how people reacted to it. Which there is a 90% chance. It will happen for the other outdated collabs too.


      • Bryan_the_guy
        Bryan_the_guy commented
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        I remember using my mami, (I used her and Simone a lot for like two months and then powercreep came. Although ranking madoka and ranking homura were kinda meh. And I believe normal homura was pretty bad.)

        And I remember at that time the monsters were pretty decent

      • Mr.Mindor
        Mr.Mindor commented
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        Bryan_the_guy I didn't find as much use for my (spawned) Homura as Sayaka, but she wasn't bad either. There are a lot more options for both now, but the cost dump and slow definitely had their uses. The ranked Homura Iirc also had (at least at the time) unique abilities that made her invaluable for running the dark super hard quest.