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  • Team Comp in New Collab Event

    So I've noticed this boss is based around high dps but also hits very hard and includes uni block a lot. But I've also noticed I'm instakicked a lot for being a cleric. So for this event how viable is it to run straight dps? Are clerics worth bringing?

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    Most of my runs have been with full dos groups. I’ve been running as a rook and have gotten insta kicked a few times, but most groups will accept me. I use Ariel which makes the run super easy, as well as a bit of healing with balance of life. I would say try going as rook as well if most people don’t want to take a cleric.


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      Both quests are relatively easy, so five average can clear it without need for a cleric. Though weaker groups might want one.
      Cleric is really only used for the 35c and 40c SHQ