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  • Select weapon/gear ticket

    So it's basically a spawn ticket with 27c weapons and 28c armour in it (emerald, mizuteni and hauliu sets). Am I the only one feeling cheated or is it a bug?
    Ateam Avia please clarify it.

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    the ticket and all spawnable gear were already in the ticket part of the spawn from like the start of the event tho, I don't think that it's a bug
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      More important question, we can choose what one we want or we get a random one from the selected pieces?
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      • niconutela
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        random one

        edit : np
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      • Nillzone
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        niconutela Thanks ^^ then its worth nothing for me. Too much rng for a cosmetic :'D

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      Why is it called select if the only things in there are the "select gear"


      • Aflama
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        Exactly my thought