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TY for this Special Spawn, ATeam

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  • TY for this Special Spawn, ATeam

    Gave a COMPLETE list of the featured gear, removed the "And More," and removed the 29c Wolf set

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    ^ yup, gratz on getting a full list of the featured stuff this time

    and this special spawn isn't a 48h one too, look like it will last for a week

    edit : got hades dupe on the featured one, 34c mobs fodder are alway welcome
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      Got a 32 cost off stat from the 25 gem monster spawn rip.


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        I'll probably not be doing this spawn as the monster spawn is a little better value for me right now, but I'm so happy for this! I hope this is the new standard!


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          Got a 26c hat at the orb since i need the orb
          Featured got me a 29c lambent dress

          My rng applies at dress and hat tho 0.0
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            Definitely thank you for this spawn! My new Belvia and I are in your debt 😭


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              I didn't get I wanted but still AWESOME


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                i got my first hero monster, yashamura. (young) for feature.

                25 gem spawn gave me surtr.


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                  This is definitely thanks to Ateam Avia efforts guys
                  I think the game is better thanks to him. I dunno if you will agree or not, but the game has come a long way since he started to get involved and while we still have a long way to go, He always listen to us and tries his absolute best to make the game better.
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                    yes Avia is a beast

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                  I did the featured gear guaranteed spawn a total of 4 times together on both of my accounts, and got one 34c monster every time. Way cheaper than a step up would've been, I'm so happy. I also appreciate the transparency, I used to only do the special spawns for the awakening orb and ether.


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                    I'll give it when credit is due. So,

                    Thanks Ateam, for listening to the feedback.

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                      thank you ~ now i don’t have to experience extreme anxiety when i click the spawn button uwu

                      Ateam Avia

                      Creds to each artist for the gorgeous art<3


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                        Yeah, great spawn. Got a Venus from the guaranteed select spawn, super happy with it. Thanks for listing everything, made me want to try the spawn.
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                          Thanks for the feedback guys!


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                            Got 35c bastet from the feature spawn on my main (lancer stats which is a rip but i will use her because i <3)
                            ive never screamed so high in my life
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