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Fix Arc Heal targeting

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  • Fix Arc Heal targeting

    Arc heal is one of the best healing abilities in the game. But it has one fatal flaw, targeting. This has been a problem since it got introduced into the game. If a cleric is AI controlled or a CPU it almost NEVER use this ability on the right person. Is this intentional? Because the AI clerics tend to use Arc Heal more often then other abilities. Other abilities work fine, you get damage, you wait a few centuries and the AI cleric will eventually heal you. But with arc heal, you get damage, wait a few centuries then the cleric will heal someone else who has full health, and then you die. The ability has been around two years ish, and it still has the same problem.

    Please know I’m talking about players who are being controlled by AI. Real CPU do not carry the ability. This change will make guild battles less infuriating when a cleric is out, and using people’s characters in quest as AI more viable.

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    This could be because the primary function of arc heal is ailment and debuff removal. The heal is an added effect afterward, so the CPU may not be using it with the same AI rules as a standard heal.

    This should probably go in suggestions & requests, and it seems sensible enough that there shouldn't be any reason not to implement it.

    It might take years though. Small error fixes like this get passed over sometimes.
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    What HotMess said. Arc Heal isn't actually a heal with a cleanse anymore, it's a cleanse with a heal. Upon release, this USED to be the case (Heal+Cleanse), but ATeam changed it so that it could work on Cursed allies.