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  • Kumbhira BUGGED

    Another player was all excited to use Kumbhira during Drumming Up Business event quest. Used her only to trap us all in the middle of Unison limbo with no way out. We were all forced to quit the quest of course.

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    Yep, I just used her and bam, got stuck. Way to go Ateam patched a bug and formed another bug. I hope they fix this one fast.

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      I love it.
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        Lol I felt so evil when I brought her out. It is amazing.


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          Was doing a friend quest with a friend's CPU, and when the CPU whipped out Kumbhira, the same thing happened as well. Good to know that this wasn't a problem with my phone, just an annoying bug in the game that needs to be fixed.

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            I'm currently stuck in a Guild Battle because the opposite guild used her and now absolutley everyone is stuck, leaving the battle and re-entering doesn't change a thing
            The timer keeps ticking but nothing else is changing, anyone attempting a switch is stuck endlessly swapping

            This is so bad it's hilarious

            Update: the 15min timer is now finished and WE'RE STILL STUCK ON THE SAME SCREEN
            We can go in and out of the GB anytime but the corner still says GB Ongoing, I'm worried we won't be able to make the other 2 GBs at all now lmao
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            • Tigre_Vorn
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              Fixed after 30 minutes from when GB started. The match is nulled, meaning doesn't count as a win, loss, or draw. No rewards for participating.

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            My guild got stuck in gb because someone on the enemy team used her, we just sat there and talked until it hit 00:00 and then we all left lol
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              Okay after 30min the GB is finally over, however it's like the battle never happened: it says "1st Fight" next to the guild we just faced, no Victory/Defeat/Draw or anything, we also can't claim the GB rewards aka the Gem, the enhance jewel and other goodies.
              Soooo, please fix Kumbhira first and foremost, as it can literally break the game and make it unplayable for everyone involved. I'm surprised something this big can still happen.
              Afterwards, please look onto the Twelfth Zodiac weapons from the same spawn, as they're missing quite a crucial effect (Cooldown Reduction) on their skill.

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                Wait what the heck.

                dfjbjfbbjvf my GEms. My 1st gb is stuck bc of the enemy team, i swear if every gb has a person using that mon for thenext three days, I won't get my weekl gb gems

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              This will be a pain..... TWT
              Anyway, this will be addressed next week, the team will for sure work on Monday.


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                Ateam Avia Ateam Admin will have some fun when they come back.


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                  I just made a post about this one.
                  Apologies for the silence!

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                Not nearly as important as the other issues surrounding her, but Kumbhira also has a backwards foot (a left foot is attached to her right leg). Just thought I’d throw that out there ‘cause it’s driving me nuts.


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                  Its beginning to get irritating people want to show off the glitch but don't understand there ruining the game for the people playing alongside them. If you don't know then that's okay but dont be that guy who keeps throwing it


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                    A friend of mine talked about how they were running the new quest, and made sure to warn everyone about the issue with Kumbhria and not to throw her if they want to complete the quest.

                    And I'm sure you all know exactly what one of the players in her quest immediately used once they got uni.
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                      Originally posted by BlitzJager
                      Shame someone didn’t die back when their coders attempted to turn their servers into a bomb.

                      Then they could actually be held accountable for being so horrible at absolutely everything they do.

                      Same thing happened last year and it was a fight to convince them they were wrong, when they attempted to just be lazy and say it was intended to be that way.

                      ATeam employees are so stupid and lazy, I’m surprised they even manage to continue breathing.
                      Wtf is wrong with you?? Someone deserves to die because they messed up a phone game? That's a big YIKES for me.


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                        Wow what are you gonna do come fight me? LOL you gotta be a kid with how you talk.

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                        I was born and raised in Canada but oooook bud. I'm glad a smart man like you has a level head on his shoulders wishing death over a phone game. You have such a pathetic life that THIS is what you get triggered about. I'd honestly rather be a "stupid american" then whatever troglodyte you are.

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                        Well you literally said "shame SOMEONE didn't die". Nice of you to backpedal when you are getting BTFO but you just look stupid. This is the last time I'm going to give you a response. Feel free to keep seething but you'll just be shouting into the void at this point.