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Need some advice for my next move.

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  • Need some advice for my next move.

    So I just got done with the DG spawn and I got what Ive wanted. The thing is now I have 1100 medals. I kind of want an xxl armor from the exchange to make me a little less glass or an xxl bow to have 8 good bows/guns. The thing is, I want mikaela so freaking bad. When this event is over ateam promises whoever wins comes back in a spawn. Ive already blown 300 gems cause im so unlucky at picking jackpots. What should I do really cause im at lost here. If you were in my shoes what would you do?

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    If you don’t mind spending the extra $$/gems, you’ll probably realistically have to spend u til you reach 10,000 medals.
    Otherwise, if you don’t mind spending a little bit more, get up to 2,000 and stop and exchange for whatever you’d like.
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      If I were you, I would save up for mikaela because you really want her. You would get more joy out of her then you would from the gear.


      • UL Hitachi
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        I planned on it but this spawn is so good i broke and spent gems lol

      • Ravencloud
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        The res gear is really op, I would of spent all my gems just to get 1.