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  • New Year Packs

    Are the New Year Packs worth it for the SSR monster tickets? What did you guys get for those who did it? I'm planning to get them as they're gone in ~10 hours but don't know if I should.

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    A guild mate did it twice (pack A) and got aqarius and leyasu.

    Another guild mate did pack A twice and got Lancelot and mit something (haste warlord).

    If you only have 33c and below monsters and are willing to spend a bit then you'll probably want to do this pack since it only features 34c and above.


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      It is worth it but be warned the mons are random stats. I got 3 off class mons and only 1 class mon. If you got the money buy them all if your budget is a certain amount id go with ticket B and buy all those


      • Blué
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        Sorry bout that, may I ask which monsters you got?

      • UL Hitachi
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        2 lady diritas, lancelot, sexy doctor andromeda