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IMPORTANT] bug report January 2019

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  • IMPORTANT] bug report January 2019

    Hi guys.
    Happy new year
    This is the 6th post of the series ( :O )
    You guys know the drill already but if you are new and not familiar here is a quick overview
    This post objective is to keep the forums tidy and to efficiently inform theAteam Avia andAteam Admin of every bug in the game for the month of November
    Please read to avoid duplicates and follow the the scheme down below before posting.
    Date of the issue [in brackets] + short description of the bug
    [01-01-2019] Video spawn icon does not respond.
    Then you add a description of the issue. One line short:
    when i user clicks on the video spawn button the icon does not respond.
    Then you add what normally should happen.
    User should be able to watch a video in order to do a spawn.
    Then you add the current state of things:
    Video spawns are impossible to perform.

    [01-01-2019] Video spawn icon does not respond.
    When i user clicks on the video spawn button the icon does not respond.
    Expected outcome
    User should be able to watch a video in order to do a spawn
    Current outcome
    Video spawns are impossible to perform
    If possible add screen-shots of the issue in question.
    If needed more information the admins will request it.
    Love y'all
    Alby ^^

    Link to previous posts

    Side notes:

    -If there are any unsolved issues from previous months but the post was closed by an admin, do not worry, we have a database and everything is stored there. Nothing is lost

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    I have no bug to report, but I am leaving a reply here to give this bug report post a bump so when Ateam Avia and Ateam Admin return, one of them can make this post a sticky post for January's bugs
    the spoken word from the birdtato of chaos


    • Albus
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      Thanks :3

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    [09-01-2019] New years ticket cannot be used to exchange
    I cannot exchange the new years ticket where it shows that ir can only be exchange in 18 hours but it will expires in 15 hours
    Expected outcome
    Should be able to exchange the ticket BEFORE it expires
    Current outcome
    New year ticket cannot be used.


    • Imperialroyal
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      it will convert to vote tickets later. dont worry

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    [11-01-2019] (Because its Midnight in here at moment) - Stuck on Crystal Mission after the time ends, Unabled to join the game

    Description: After the crystal mission have ended, Everone got stuck on it, No Result screen, no Rewards, Nothing. We just stand there talking to eachother and stuff like that.

    So i decided to rejoin and... Didin't work very well since i got stucked on loading

    Before you tell me its my internet, Its not, Everone there is working very well, The problem happened on game itself, I'm awaiting for fix

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    • Shanoa
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      Emergency maintenance is currently happening, so that's most certainly why this happened.

    • BlueDragonSonder
      BlueDragonSonder commented
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      Shanoa I guess so, I tried again and appeared it, So i hope they know what they are doing xP

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    [1/11/2019] Screen stuck after unlocking a monster's hidden potential.

    Description: After I finally got my last snake eye to reforge my last kohzuchi, I was taken to the gear page when all I wanted to do was to augment it. From the gear page, I was able to find the pointer but wasn't able to scroll or press any buttons. (no image because I reopened the app since i couldn't do anything)

    Expected outcome: I am able to augment it.

    Current outcome: I am stuck on gear page after unlocking a hidden potential.


    • Albus
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      Are you still having this problem?

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    [1/13/2019] The ability defense stance also reduces healing ability power.

    So while i was in duel room i noticed something. . . That should not work like that, i am talking about the ability *defense stance*
    “Reduces the ability power taken by your character by 20, but also decreases Ability power of ***damage*** dealt by 25 for 40 seconds”
    So here is the problem i found. . . It says “damage dealt* but the healing abilities are being affected too and the healing procs are nullified too (i think, i never proc-ed when defense stance was active)
    Th healing power is decreased too by using defense stance, it doesn’t say that the healing ability decreases too.
    So. . . Do u think u can talk with the team by fixing this problem? Or even changing description ability including healing power.
    Ateam Avia


    • Toru13M
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      Wth? It sent several times. . . Just don’t mind the others, there was an error while trying to post them. I apologize for inconvenience.

    • Albus
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      Did thing change after this week's maintenance?

    • Ateam Avia
      Ateam Avia commented
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      I'll look into this!

      The Japanese is quite vague and loosely translates to something like 'reduces Ability Power taken'. The translation looks like it is trying to make sense of this by adding damage taken, but that dismisses Healing Ability Power. I'll see if we can get the description fixed.

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    [1/17/2019] random typo on collab monsters/characters

    (1) Rei x Unit-00


    There is an extra line of skill : < Target: all allies. Increases Unison gauge gains by 5 every 10 seconds for 40 seconds >

    Expected outcome

    This extra line shouldn't be there (replaced with nothing)

    Current outcome

    The extra line of skill is there

    btw I did tested it in lab just to see if it could be a global version bonus, but nop it isn't

    (2) Limimin x Unit-01


    The awakening standby mode is said to be applied on all allies

    Expected outcome

    It should say that the awakening standby mode will be applied on your character only

    Current outcome

    It's saying <all allies> instead of something like <your character>

    I haven't tested this one (no luck on box spawn yet), but seem a bit op if it does awakening standby mode on everyone (would be nice tho)

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    • Albus
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      I don't understand this lol.
      But i suppose we need to verify the skill with the team, right?

      Also that limi is quite OP i think that one is correct.

    • niconutela
      niconutela commented
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      main point for Rei is that her skill description say stuff about giving 5 uni each 10 sec for 40sec (like Tsukiyomi) but she don't do it (I tested in lab, there is no extra unison that appear every 10sec)

      for the limin, I haven't tested it but awakening standby on everyone seem kinda op for a free sr limin, until someone can verify it, I am kinda sure that it's a typo and mean something like < cast awakening standby mode on your character >

    • Ateam Avia
      Ateam Avia commented
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      Thanks for bringing these to our attention.

      1) I mentioned previously that we were working on a way to automate these Unison Skill names and somehow the automated style found its way into this description. This is a mistake and we will fix this quickly. That last point on the Skill should be one of the Skills for potential.

      2) This should be 'your character'. It looks like this was a translation error and it will be fixed quickly.

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    [01-17-2019] Compensation ticket is 26 cost gear only
    Purple ticket title is 26 cost gear and up
    Expected outcome
    User should be able to spawn 26 cost gear and up
    Current outcome
    Only 26 cost gear is in the pool

    I'm not upset by this, I just find it amusing that they somehow flub the compensation too. It barely matters haha
    "Just kidding"

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    • Guruanu
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      There is more than just 26 cost items in it. Out of all the items I got from my ticket, only 1 was 26 cost, all the rest were 27 cost.

    • Ateam Avia
      Ateam Avia commented
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      As Guruanu was able to get 27C items from this, I'm not going to escalate this.
      If more people say they are only getting 26C, I'll look into this.

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    [01-18-2019] Raphaela and Archangel Raphaela's Missing Effect
    In the Global version, Raphaela and Archangel Raphaela is missing the following effect:

    * Casts Emaciated Collapse on the enemy Field for 60 seconds.
    I'm not sure if this is an intentional change, but Japanese UL's Raphaela and Archangel Raphaela have them.

    EDIT: Apparently a friend (Thanks Match-i) tested for me and they're working as intended and have the Collapse Effect, it's just that it is not in the Skill Description.

    Also while you guys are at it, can we have the extra "." removed on Archangel Raphaela's Skill Description? Thanks in advance!

    * Casts a buff on all allies that fills the Unison gauge by 5 every 10 seconds for a period of 60 seconds..
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