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New Year’s Resolutions

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    New Year’s Resolutions

    Since it’s a brand new year, what are everyone’s goals and resolutions for 2019?

    Mine would be to reach 700k and to create more art as I lost a lot of steam towards the end of 2018 ;-;

    Creds to each artist for the gorgeous art<3


    Icons 101

    i rmb when i said i wanted to be "500k" at least earlier this year for my resolution

    This year:
    - 800k GS
    ---> At least 350k/120k ATK/MATK by the end
    - Get a uni-block monster
    - Stay clean from spending for the rest of this year (poor college student life)
    - Get Top 10 in Colo for at least one colo season (rip sleep)

    Els**** forums got boring--- I'll just be lurking here every now and then
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    • Bevgebra
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      yeah i was looking back at my resolutions for 2018 and it was v nostalgic :')
      it's cool to look back and see how much progress has been made and how much has changed since the start of last year


    Beat most GS person in guild (last year I was in 5-6th place now I'm in 2nd.)

    Have 350K matk. (Currently 280K I know 6th ring will give +20% matk to staffs and will give a shared trait if 6K matk. So probably jump me into 300K~ or close to it.)

    Reach 820K.
    Currently around 640K.

    Obtain a hero or blessing monster

    Have enough GS for top 1100 and under

    Learn to save
    (Seriously send help)


    • Bevgebra
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      I think learning to save gems is v relatable
      So hard to not give into the temptation of spawning OOF

    • SubZer0
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      You’re already very close to top 1100

    1. Get a res mon or either Lieryl, Aquarius, Spica PLSSS (in my stats would be gr8 too)
    2. Be more wise with spending gems...........pft
    3. Hit 800k GS (Currently 607k)
    4. Hit 300k ATK (Currently around 264k-ish ATK)
    5. Stop being lazy and participate in colo and mobi
    6. Fully awaken my Xenospear
    7. Work on and practice drawing and digital art everyday
    8. Actually try to make friends..
    9. Self care irl sis
    There's plenty more but this is the few I can list
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    • Bevgebra
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      #9 hit me real hard
      mood for 2019

    Save gems for a Stellar Spawn.

    They're coming back... right?


      - Hit Xenobow Exceed
      - Reach 220k/220k+ ATK/MATK (Currently 176k/175k)
      - Build Elemental sets to farm 40c SDQ
      - Compete in multiple Guild Grand Tournaments
      - Get better monsters in my stats
      #TheBeamMafia Check out my graphics thread Check out my guide The Art of Re-rolling


      • Bevgebra
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        It’d be cool if we manage to make it to the tournament \(^o^)/

      -hit 800k before 2020
      -get at least 300k matk (currently at 240k)
      -be the best in colo
      -obtain a res mon
      -obtain a decent uni gain mon to replace my hideous tellus
      -obtain a hero mon
      -stop being salty
      Praying to RNGesus... || I gave up on colo!
      Clippygoat || lvl 185 || Mage || 800k gs || F2P || 2091798093


        new year's resolution
        -wont slack on farming
        -awaken my lance to UR
        -get to 900k gs
        -win jackpot monster at least once in treasure spawn
        -win the next design contest
        -lets make ateam great again
        -collect all nice armor for cosmetics.
        -collect all waifus
        -do all of these while staying f2p.


        • Bevgebra
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          there will never be enough waifus !

        -Raise my luck stat ( would you believe that the last time i got a scroll from a treasure chest was.... never?)
        [I dunno how to go about doing this so any help is appreciated]

        -Save gems (so far i have 140) Ateam is giving me more motives to skip spawns that do them lol

        -Increase my GS.....


        • Bevgebra
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          what is this thing you call luck? cuz I certainly don't have it :'(

        • Albus
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          Bevgebra I dunno.... but if I had to guess.... it should something be like pulling kroyt from the video spawn XD

        I literally got nothing, Mostly of stuff i wanted i got last year, But i guess getting my GS to 700k doesn't seems bad, I'm around 587k


          Originally posted by Exifea View Post
          Save gems for a Stellar Spawn.

          They're coming back... right?
          I was actually going to say I didn't need anything else, but then this post reminded me that YES these body gear exists and I've been waiting for them to come back since forever. Really want to max infuse mine.
          So yeah, same, saving for nothing but these gear.

          ¤ LichtKreis ¤


            1. get Aquarius
            2. tank through starburst more times than not
            3. keep N alive in gb more when he get bullied by the other guild (not really a resolution but its a challenge to try)


            • Bevgebra
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              operation protect N xD

            Well,...For the new year I want to.....
            - Get to 5k gs (currently 464k on mageserker)
            - Get a resurrection monster or aura monster that does aura on yourself (so that I can be rook again)
            - Become a gem saver. (horrible temptation habit)
            - Become a good F2P player in the game.
            - Get 80 gems for a class spawn once in my life.
            - Get another rare weapon that comes for a limited time (I got a good relic so I hope this luck comes again)
            - Master the other classes I'm trying to get good at (archer, soldier, mage, lancer, rook, treasure hunter I don't use)
            - Awaken my sword!!!!!!!!!


              1. Stop using Gold Gb Medals for aug mats (im lazy :


              • SubZer0
                SubZer0 commented
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                2. Reach 800k
                3. Cop suthiara/ simone
                4. Hit top 1000
                5. Infuse my nulls
                6. Awaken my lance

              • Bevgebra
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                just remembered that I have to infuse my nulls too @-@

              I don't have a lot really...

              1. Farm more/Fully awaken xenospear. I am always to lazy to farm...

              2. Stay F2P. The temptation to spend is higher and higher each month.

              3. Have fun. I really just want to enjoy myself on UL.