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Can't use monster as sub to unlock potential

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    Can't use monster as sub to unlock potential


    Soooo.....I'm trying to use Venus, Lazy Summer as a SUB to unlock potential of other monsters. To my sad surprise, she can't be used as a SUB for like any of my 35 monsters.

    Did I miss a list that shows you which monsters that are useless and cannot be used as a SUB to unlock potential? She was pretty legit for a while, but then I got stronger and I've out grown her. She's not in my gear equip at all.


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    She doesn't have hidden potentials right now so she can't be used to unlock any.

    For a mon to be able to be used for hidden potentials it needs the same number of hidden potentials as the mon you want to use it for and have equal or higher cost to the same mon you want to use it for.


    • Domhnall
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      Ohhh, now it makes sense! Sad that she'll just be tossed in the garbage tho.
      Thanks for responding, it's greatly appreciated.

    • Duck!
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      I wouldn't toss her just yet, more and more older mons are getting hidden potentials added to them and while she hasn't any in either global or JPUL, I don't think she'll be without potentials forever. She could be useful later.

    She locks enemies from using water element during the next round's unison battle, so she can be used in guild battles to extreme advantage to where you literally cannot lose.

    I can understand if you don't want to wear that if you have a 40C or Ariel, though, but maybe you could consider using her for future strategies just in case.

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      Why even get rid of her? Unison lock is ridiculous in GB


        water lock is v nice in gb. don’t trash
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