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Undermine's Damge

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    Undermine's Damge

    How is the damage for undermine calculated? Is is Matk+Mdef or (Matk+Mdef)/2? If it is just the average, what is the point of using it over other abilities with similar ability powers that do not take mdef into consideration?

    Undermine is the average- if it was Matk+Mdef it would be broken lmao-
    And idk probably because it heals yourself or something


      GrimTony says that combined stats skills do more damage when buffed, but there is no solid proof yet.


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        niconutela Rooks are very useful indeed, although they get disadvantaged in events like the the crystal assault. They need to spend a lot more time and AP for the ladder rewards.

        Nemurerumori Are you that guy in class who refuses to share your study notes with others?

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        I share too much.

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        &quot;I'll leave it up to the community to figure out what I mean.&quot; &quot;Because the community is too lazy&quot; &quot;by the same <10 people and even fewer people who would BOTHER
        to confirm or disprove the information&quot; &quot;This is something that is |actually difficult to test and to explain and has numerous variables and exceptions|&quot; &quot;the entire community |wouldn't play any different than they would now| if they knew the details.&quot;
        so all I can interpret from your own words is that you're just saying that you know stuffs which people don't and it wouldn't affect people's usage of it BUT you're claiming that people are lazy since they don't BOTHER to confirm or disprove something that doesn't matter? Seems to me that someone needs to stop acting high and mighty just to show off nothing.

      I've hit 2.6 million damage with undermine with tons of buffs but never that high with Empress bind with the same buffs. Dunno. More testing needed