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Lancers era has ended?

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  • Lancers era has ended?

    I came back like 4 days ago didn't see any thing in lancers, like we were before (at least we were something )

    As for dps we have archers and even soldiers are considered dps now
    As for huge dmg - now days are done by soldiers
    We have dedicated class for tanks
    As for break which was our key, now days other class can break too

    So what's lancer now ?
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    They’re not great but I wouldn’t say we’re horrible. I mean, in PvE i usually go physical berserker, still use negative pressure which is useful for gbs, as well as break thrust in gb, colo, duels etc. 6th ring lancers are actually pretty good imo. Idk if there really was a lancer ‘era’ third ring aside, with soldiers dominating 4th, then archers now mages/ so yeaa


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      Lancers still king for breaks on demand, very good utility in that, and if you have Xenospear fully done as well you can even extend break to 20 hits to make it last longer. With new class rings coming out we'll even get to take even bigger advantage of break status too, more so than any of the other classes. We can even remove reflects and damage reductions.

      PvP side of things, Break Thrust can be enhanced to be even stronger (it's still very good), and we have Negative Pressure still to catch people who don't Unison quickly. With 6th ring, we can mess with unison a bit more too.

      Don't sell lancers short, we're still decent, even if we're not insane dps like archers/berserkers.


      • roychan
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        the xenospear ability has a big downside to it tho, you can gain uni as fast because it extends break
        negative pressure is easier to counter now, with TH being able to extend unison (and I remember one ability from the new sixth rings that can prevent unison reduction, if I'm right)
        not saying lancers are completely useless, I'll have to see how good the new abilities are first when they come out

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      Wait till 6th ring
      I'm just a lancer/zerker who needs some sleep......


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        With the 6th ring classes coming out
        Soldiers and mages are gonna be the new DPS
        Archers will have a lot more support then damage (but their damage is slightly increased)

        Lancers have gotten an ability to hit 80AP 4 times (it also Increases AP by increments of 50 for break. Which I think means 130AP 4 times OR first attack is 130AP, second 180AP, third 230AP, and last 280AP. ) And causes break. (Decent cooldown 7, very high cost 18)

        They also got tri edge a 120AP move that needs 'stake all' which increases crit rate by 30% and crit damage by 30%.
        it alsi then it combos and does 150AP. It also boost AP by 50AP for each crit. So 200AP (+85AP from crit damage), 250AP (+85AP from crit damage) and 300AP (+85AP from crit damage.)

        P.s 50AP from a normal crit, 30 AP from the increase crit damage by 30%. 5 AP from crit damage passive.

        Of course it's kinda hard to crit with this move with just 33% crit rate + original crit rate. (30% from stake all. 3% from another passive) so it would be better to have a fatal gear instead even if it decreases your potential damage by 50AP (physical damage XXL)

        Decreases def of enemy by 30% for 20 seconds.

        (Decent cooldown 8, decent cost 14.)


        • BlackMage
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          Are you sure mages will be a better dps than archers? I still want to ateam to give magic beserkers a little buff :/

        • Bryan_the_guy
          Bryan_the_guy commented
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          Yes one of our ability is life reach with 16 cost and 6 CD. It deals 140AP 4 times.

          Meanwhile the only other archer move that can compare is a Astralobe a 5 times hitting 150AP that depends on Atk or matk randomly.
          Mage: 140AP 4x
          Archer 150AP 5x
          Pretty much looks bleak and hopeless as a mage until you remember that mages have more Matk naturally then archer's individually have atk or matk. (Ex. my guild mate who has way more GS has about 190K atk and matk. But I have 280K matk. So our attacks will be much more similar now that we have more AP to match Archer's.)

          Archer's didn't get a DPS boost and our CD is very similar to archers with 6th ring.(wish I could say the same about cost.) We also have +3 element against all quests (except haste Advantage.)

          Our DPS for quests should be more noticable now compared to archer at least in theory. (Idk how archer abilities that have atk + matk work. I remember reading somewhere that it was based off of the average of it but another person said it was based on the total of it.)

          For crystal we got a ability that hits 10 times and has 150AP. It does have it's drawbacks like 10CD (+3 second as an animation because you need to ensure you don't get hit in the next 3 seconds or else it won't work cause of reasons.)

          Mages will be very similar or even stronger to archers.

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          I always will be a Lancer. However. We haven't been a "good" class in ages now.


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            I started as a soldier then switched to a lancer now a main lancer reaching 500k I can say Lancers haven't been that great in terms of ability wise. Compare our lancer abilities with the other classes and you'll see a difference. Archers, Soldiers, Mages, Beserkers, TH, Rook, Clerics > Lancers of course we're useful in terms of breaking. We can break an enemy in 1 or 2 hits in quests and help deal additional damage and gain Uni faster. It's just sad that we're just not as good as Archers or Soldiers even with the 6th rings coming out. As the saying goes...... " Lancer ga Shinda! " -Fate/Stay. Lancer's have the lowest possible luck stat overall .


            • SubZer0
              SubZer0 commented
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              Lancers aren’t worse than TH @-@...
              They just have a different job than the other classes
              I’d say 6th ring lancer> archer tho

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            flagpole class along with soldier. dont @ me.
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              Best team comp for PvE is and will always be:


              This has been true ever since 30C Alice released at the beginning of the game and has never ceased to be true today
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              • lilacshadows
                lilacshadows commented
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                be my op cleric and carry me bb

                i’m a great break slave

              • Nemurerumori
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                I'm over here running end game content with a 400k GS cleric cuz no one wants to take my 800k GS soldier

                is this real life

                and ily rae

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              The lancer era of being an absolute beast compared to every other class ended a loooong time ago but they are still really good for negative pressure, their fast attacks to sneak in some hits, the best basic attack utilizer aaaand most importantly break.

              But right now even a lower gs berserker will deal more raw and consistent physical damage compared to a higher gs lancer and physical zerkers have insane cost management compared to lancer you’ll rarely find yourself running out before the uni gauge fills up to replenish cost. I want to play a physical damage dealer and berserker is the best at that right now even with like -30k gs until maybe 6th ring lancer which looks super scary! Phyzerkers will feel familiar with the new lancer ring for sure.

              ****Oh! And a random suggestion even though this isn’t the suggestions board.. it would be pretty interesting to have a system that rewards physical or magical damage cuz right now archers are the preferable class for like everything. What if we had events that has monsters with a ridiculous amount of physical or magical resistance so you’d need either a good team of magic users to carry the damage or a good team of physical users so that people could better appreciate the power of lancers and Phy instead of having the archers take the spotlight all the time.. maybe one wave would be physical resistant and the next wave would be magical resistant.. and then maybe a wave where the team’s max hp is cut down to a small amount where a soldier or rook or cleric would be needed. That way we can prevent that boring party combination of archer archer archer lancer cleric.
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                Lancer still good place to use due to easy breaks, Like alot of classes take long to inflict break, Lancer can give a single attack and enemy is already on break, So still they are useful.


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                  Imo lancers have always been good, early game they are the best class really because the other classes suck (except maybe mages and clerics) but lancers really peaked at fourth ring with cross assault and extra break damage.

                  I think lancers began tappering off a bit when the new classes were introduced, lancers were still good and useful but the other classes just began scaling better especially archers and rooks.


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                    Honestly its hard to make sure all classes are useful and at the same time different. As much as Everyone loves the new classes, I feel they steal other classes identies. Berserkers took archers versatility by using both physical and magical stats, and the lancers attack speed by being the fastest attacker in the game. Rook took soldiers defensive role. So it doesn’t help to add more classes. To be honest a haste brawler with the treasure hunters cost attacks would have been better in my opinion.


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                      Lancer Era has ended long time ago dude