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    Okay from now try to not spend on this game and you will see the future hard quests to be more challenging.


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      This just in in, whales at literally 1 million plus GS are still able to grind a grindy quest. In later news, water is wet, gems are cool, and if you leak funds for gems like crazy you'll find every quest in this game easy.


      • Wanperc
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        Water isn't wet.

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      I think the vast majority of y'all are missing the point. He's not complaining because it's so easy now. He's complaining because they nerfed the quest that the vast majority of the player base won't be able to see anyways. From what I'm hearing, it went from "let's devise a plan" (I saw his FB post on the FB group asking for help from other players) to "this is nothing more than a grindfest". It's perfectly natural that he complains. Until y'all are at that stage of the game, your comments about "quit complaining" are null and void.


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        This difficulty you guys speak of was artificial anyway. It was only difficult because we hadn’t received 6th rings. Zzz
        White Knights everywhere...


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          The majority of players can’t even attempt the last 2 quests, let alone reach 600k gs, but you’re complaining that it’s too easy. Ironic.


          • Cherif
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            Whale problems xD

          • Ravencloud
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            xD thanks for the laugh!

          • HotMessExpress
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            To be fair, the upped GS requirement actually just compensates for the non elemental nature of the quest.

            Most players can reach higher difficulty GS requirements in other quests but still have no business attempting them because they don't have competent elemental sets. In this quest they just take away that potential failure point

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          Semi-relevant: The first Athena (Time element) on the Tower of Judgement 35th floor now casts Damage Reduction instead of Reflect (Struggle of the Wise).

          Not sure if the change was intentional, or just a side effect, but I don’t remember it being noted anywhere, and I finally have my class EE thanks to this.

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