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  • Athena Downgrade

    Thanks for releasing an event that was fun and challenging. No thanks to the downgrade. This was the 2nd quest I have ever been excited for in UL. Now everyone and their shared accounts can clear it.

    Why not make the other quest easy too? Make extreme 40c events so easy a new account can clear.

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    I know you're pretty famous for being strong and all, but sadly not everyone has that much cash to spare. It's probably not doable for most people, and if you can't share the joy of people who finally get to challenge it, there is nothing much I can say.


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      Look... Its not our fault if Ateam found out its unfair due to the 6th ring, I honestly was fine with that difficult, But if they wanted to balance it, They did it.

      I know you are good and stuff like that, I saw you on my Athena run one day, But... Like Lucelv said, No one can spare cash for it. That all i can say, Not everone is a huge spender.


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        This content imo is endgame. Lvls 3/4 are for endgamers. 1/2 for beginners and midlvl players. Watering down the harder difficulty gives little incentive to play it. It turn into another grind fest and I’m okay with not grinding. 1 and done 😚


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          If a game is pay2win, you can always pay less to win less
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            I have to say I'm a little surprised at how easy it is considering there was a warning ingame that it's a difficult quest. I've done the first two difficulties, and the constant barrier / counter heals are the biggest hurdles imo.

            It's relatively safe, but timing out is a problem if dps isn't heavy and consistent. My best non-elemental dps set comes in around 550k gs
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              Yes ateam. How dare ya try to please everyone .

              I want... NO! I DEMAND!!! The easiest quest should be 800k, and 30 elemental attack, and 500 elemental defense. This Athenas are normal quest level stuff. I can kill them in my sleep. I don't care if no one else can do it. I just want to challenge mah godly powa... Also make it gem to play. Every time we participate, we need to pay a gem. Only so will my blood boil with anticipation for the glorious battle. DO IT NOW ATEAM! FOR VALHALLA!!!!!!!!!

              Also make a poo collab... Just saying...


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                Yes they made this quest a fair amount easier. But I do not agree with the “everyone and their shared accounts can clear the harder levels”. I’ve only beaten purgatory once and it took multiple tries with everyone above 700k, and even then we beat it with 30ish seconds left. Yesterday I was in groups that couldn’t even clear to the 3rd wave on the second level and those groups were all people 500k and up.


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                  I'm so confused, and you are so full of yourself right now that I'm going to assume that you are trolling.

                  In the case that you aren't, first off, the quest didn't get nerfed or "downgraded". It was overtuned on release and the higher difficulties were obscenely difficult for no good reason. ATeam fixed it back to Global 5th ring strength.
                  Second, Purgatory and Extreme are still tough, and Abyss is now plausible to beat. Why would you want ATeam to release even MORE gated content with GS recommendations that trick players?
                  Third, relax.


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                    fourth if you didn't get carried in purgatory you'll never clear it

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                    hi tony pls can i have autograph

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                  I really like the event so far. I've done two successful runs so far today with only a recently-achieved 400k gearscore, and I was actually worried that I wouldn't be able to clear it or that the party I quested with would die, so I don't see an issue with this so-called 'downgrade' to the event
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                  • Hugh G. Rection
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                    Smexi is a pretty famous whale, and they just want a challenge. They got a challenge but now they nerfed it and its easy-
                    I dont agree that its neccessarily a downgrade but thats what hes saying

                  • Lucelv
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                    You want a challenge? Give yourself one. Do the quest with your phone upside down with only single thumb while running a marathon.

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                  I`m just here thinking.... When will Yang and friends get pots.... oh oh and 24/7 duel room. XD


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                    Here is how you can challenge yourself.

                    Have you and your party members set your monsters to limis only. For gear you may only use normal rarity gear. Try that.
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                      I'm going to throw in with Van here. It's ok for the game to have extremely difficult content. It makes things more fun when you have to actually think about your build and what moves to bring and just throwing all your biggest and baddest gear on isn't going to guarantee you a pass. Figuring out these workable strategies is what he finds most enjoyable about the game, and it is reasonable to be disappointed when that is taken away.

                      It isn't like there are no questing options for just about everyone here already. If the top level you can get into is too difficult, drop down to the next hardest level and try that, repeat until you find a level that is comfortable for you.

                      This reminds me of the Super United Offense from around this time last year which didn't have the cap for how much it could heal. If you went to it in dumb brute mode you didn't have a chance, but a little thought, revive those 1-3 ring poison moves to counteract the regen and it became easy. Then they 'fixed' it and it became just another standard grind.

                      The game could use more quests for all levels that seem impossible at first, but really just need alternate strategies.

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                        I have to say it.

                        Local superwhale not happy that extremely difficult quest scaled for content not available in global but still meant for whales is now beatable by still whales.

                        It's an 800k threshold nonetheless...
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                          Bro wtf. Not everyone spends thousands upon thousands of dollars on the game unlike whalers like you. It’s ok to have your own whale community like your guild and whale Line chat. Sure, run quests with them. Do your high competitive guild battles with them. UL has already evolved and extremely widened the gap between the F2P and the P2W. I mean, a pretty good F2P person would have 500k to 600k Gs, while a super whale has 1 million. Back in the day f2P people could just be on par with p2w if they tried hard enough. It’s not our fault that you whales decide to drop thousands of dollars on the game and make every quest easy for you guys. But think about this: you 900k - 1M Gs people probably make up only ~0.05% of the player base. It’s your fault that you are never “excited” for any UL events because you made it that way by being a whale and getting higher than the average player base. Ateam should appeal to the majority of the community and not to just the super whales at the top. That’s what 40c extreme is for.
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