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    Coming soon glitch

    Ateam Avia
    there is a glitch which makes the 4000 prestige reward for the angel quest appear as "unknown" and image "coming soon"
    and can you tell us what it is supposed to be?
    Last edited by MageYouLook; 12-27-2018, 03:34 PM.

    instead of telling how about I show you?


    • MageYouLook
      MageYouLook commented
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      Oh it's something lame...thanks for showing though

    • Rand0mK4d13
      Rand0mK4d13 commented
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      What do you mean, 'lame?' I think it looks really cool! I can't really translate the first two kanji for it as I haven't fully learned Japanese yet, but according to the Wikipedia article on it, kagami mochi is a traditional New Year's decoration in Japan. I like the design of the little table it's on! I just hope my Limimin don't start eating it before New Year's!

    • Ateam Admin
      Ateam Admin commented
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      The first two kanji are 新鮮 (shinsen - ''fresh'')