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    Is it me or the monsters in the quest can remove wards and or resurrections. Not the usually way where you die and you revive. It’s just gone. I was in a quest and someone used resurrection during the valkyrie stage and once we got to the archangel it was gone for me and the whole team and I never realized. I doubt we all got secretly one shot without the revive audio sound. Maybe I am seeing things and the thing was probably just awakening or something. Has anyone else experience this?

    Anyways since I’m too lazy to create a separate post for this, what utilities do you guys bring? If monsters can remove resurrection now would you guys still bring it? Do you guys consider bringing balance or cheer? Lastly what do you guys want in Arcadia? You guys are ruthless, kicking 400k+ players that have utilities. I can understand if it was 350k and below but I’m still a little new to this game maybe it’s something I don’t know.

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    Depends on the monster used and the length of time.


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      The monster on the third wave of the fire event on arcadia does remove res. If you don’t want to be kicked I suggest stacking up on water/fire element gear depending on the event you wanna run, I don’t bring any utility besides cheer & EE but you can consider bringing balancing.


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        The archangels were created with 6th ring which feels really unfair.
        They have +6K atk,matk,mdef,def with just the shared trait.
        They get a +20% def/mdef boost with either armor, helm, hat or clothing.

        They get a +20% atk/matk boost with either staff,relic,bow,swords,lances, books,guns,axes or scythes.

        And they also seem to get +100 X element defence. Idk if it's just for unison attacks or If it's also for quest.

        Not to mention the boosted AP that most of these skills have or added effects they have.

        Ex. Archers can give cost, Lancers deal a bit more damage, soldiers deal a heck of a ton damage, Mages deal a bit more damage, and clerics can now heal the whole party...up to three times...

        So uhhhhhh Ateam Avia
        Can you ask the team about maybe nerfing the quests a bit considering that global doesn't have these advantages.


        • Guruanu
          Guruanu commented
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          these quests are not hard at all, I don’t think they need to be nerfed. The only time I have had to retire is because more than 2 people died to reflect on the 2nd wave Alice in Arcadia. I’ve mainly been farming the fire version which is laughably easy.

        • Bryan_the_guy
          Bryan_the_guy commented
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          I was mainly referring to the Athena quests which I feel needs a Nerf (or you know, 6th ring.)

          Idk if the wind quest is more difficult then fire or something since all my teammates except for 1 or 2 die when wind Valkyrie is at 1/10 of her HP. It could also be that I have terrible fire defence. (I think I have like 42 fire def and like 12 fire attack. Water, fire and light are the elements I'm missing. Wind and dark on the other hand I have plenty of.)

        • Guruanu
          Guruanu commented
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          The Athena quests are pretty darn tough, I have only gotten to the last boss on the second quest once, and we ran out of time. The wind quest seems harder because a lot of people don’t pay attention and die to reflect on wave 2. More people can probably auto through the fire quest without many problems.

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        some monster does remove rez/ward, I haven't checked this quest yet but there were already a lot of case of removing rez/ward in the past anyway, so it's not realy new

        kinda sure that compared to ward, it's still possible to get one shot with rez, as it directly revive you with 60% of your max hp but if you get hit too hard (60%+ depending on what was your hp left)

        still haven't checked the diffuculty, but people probably want the usual elemental setup I guess
        600k+ GS main archer (vary with an elemental set) ; idk wut k+ GS all other class (was playing them all)
        ID: 2042972836 in case u wanna ask me stuff in game or stalk me idk

        > check my Field effect post if you got time, thx ( updated with elemental attack and Collapse )

        First Fire Mobius (4/14/2016 - 4/20/2016) : Rank 1 ( Total Points ; Group A )


        • Deus Vult
          Deus Vult commented
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          Really? First time I seen it. Guess it was kind of a broken move to begin with. Whelp just can’t wait till the have monsters that can take away hero, frenzy, beast, awakening, element buffs, barriers, reflections and field buffs all in one move.