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About Noel Scroll

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    About Noel Scroll

    Um, just read through the notice and nothing is stated on scroll expirations. Will they be converted to Ether/gold/a magic sword? In all seriousness, I would like to know so i actually know if i need to use the scroll or not. Not expecting ether tho since the last 2 event scrolls didn't get ether, just scroll pieces turned into frags....nothing for a whole scroll tho...makes sense right? So this time I want to be 100% sure.

    I guess I should ask the same for the Reindeer scroll as well, anyone know what will happen after the expiration?

    Ateam Avia

    .....anyone know?


      Ateam Avia is it possible to get an answer to this?


        I just checked and it seems that it is converted into nothing, so I would go ahead and use them before the expiry date!


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          Thank you so much for the answer! I know last two conversion fails were on me for misreading and just wanted to make sure since there wasn't anything in the notice, ty again!