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    Um, just read through the notice and nothing is stated on scroll expirations. Will they be converted to Ether/gold/a magic sword? In all seriousness, I would like to know so i actually know if i need to use the scroll or not. Not expecting ether tho since the last 2 event scrolls didn't get ether, just scroll pieces turned into frags....nothing for a whole scroll tho...makes sense right? So this time I want to be 100% sure.

    I guess I should ask the same for the Reindeer scroll as well, anyone know what will happen after the expiration?

    Ateam Avia

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    .....anyone know?


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      Ateam Avia is it possible to get an answer to this?


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        I just checked and it seems that it is converted into nothing, so I would go ahead and use them before the expiry date!


        • Miss Bliss
          Miss Bliss commented
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          Thank you so much for the answer! I know last two conversion fails were on me for misreading and just wanted to make sure since there wasn't anything in the notice, ty again!