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Present from the Troupe end date?

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  • Present from the Troupe end date?

    Hello! Today is Tuesday 12-25-2018. Merry Christmas (and Happy Holidays)!

    I might be in the minority but I actually like this event. Although this thread is specifically about the end date of the Christmas event.

    I'm wondering what the end date is because of conflicting communication on two different screens.

    1. Implies that it ends tonight on Christmas. Clicking the event button from the pink pull out tab shows "Days left:1"
    2. Implies there's three more days. The notices states "Schedule ends 12/27 (Thurs) 12:59am."

    The first one implies I need to duck out of my family gatherings to finish my last scroll piece. The second sounds more reasonable because it's around when there's normally a server maintenance.

    tl;dr: Had been going off the original notice all this time but clicked another screen which shows today as the final day and it's Christmas of all days.

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    days left : 1 mean that there is over 24h left but less than 48h

    12:59 am mean 0:59, so 1 am UL time the 27th, the usual new time before maintenance since the time change

    both thing mean the same so there is like a little less than 48h left on this event

    edit : like 33h left or something from now

    ( double checked just to be sure and it seem that it's like I said ^ )
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      Ah sweet thanks. Still confusing but I get the gist. Just didn’t want to assume Thursday morning 1am and it ends wednesday morning
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      no prob

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    How long have you been playing the game, exactly? Because this way of showing how long it takes until events end has been the same for as long as I can remember. Events (unless colab) end on Thursdays.


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      Doesn’t make it right. “How new are you? This has been broken for a long time.” Oof no comment

      Reading the screen that says 1 day left on late Tuesday morning and expecting people to know that it means Thursday morning isn’t good communication.
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