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What are people asking UL Santa for over christmas and new years?

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    Attack skill replaced with a non exclusive skill
    A star Athena/or Valkyrie


    • catling
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      ohh I never thought about that, but a star valk/athena would be so cool.. I’m also thinking a christmas angel themed athena or valk would be nice!

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    Less dc and stable servers for next year.
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      Wolfheznal and the Pirate Princess Hat.

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      Or just "N.O.M.", if you're in a hurry.


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        Star Valks and Star athenas would be neat.

        Xmas Limi costumes!!! ( i.e. santa hat, toy bag, white beard )

        More xmas cosmetics in the cosmetic shop!

        Animated Weapons ( champagne bottle opening and spewing during attacks ), maybe in the future flame animated weapons, etc

        A great year of UL next year!

        I know I'm asking for a lot, but I've been pretty good this year!....kinda lol


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          Spawns for Christmas like we had on cyber Monday and Black Friday lol


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            34 fodder and orbs

            smh whenever I pull something meh like tourbillion it’s in my stats so I can’t use for fodder
            and when i pull something good like kroyt it’s off-stat
            and i still haven’t pulled the bad 34s like freya so I won’t feel bad about killing them
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              I want a hero mob with def/mdef stats~


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                I want a 35 cost for Christmas
                Only a 35 cost will do
                I don't want a gem
                No dinky ether drops
                I want a 35 cost to play with and enjoy
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                • JtheDuelist
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                  Wish I could gift you my Lancer stats Titania- as a Archer main, Mage sub, I can't use her...

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                So we got today from the UL santa a wonderful spawn..*irony off*


                • catling
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                  I was thinking about doing it because there are so many pretty and useful weapons in the pool (and obvi every ssr you get is guaranteed to be your class)
                  but 32c things aren't OP and rare anymore so they're quite easy to infuse on their own haha ;;

                • Miss Bliss
                  Miss Bliss commented
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                  Better to do the box spawn since a 35c weapon uninfused is more powerful than a 4x infused a lot

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                I would of at least like the room spawn!


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                  ok...... UL santa still has a chance to bring me my gift for new years though, right? >:3c


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                    80 gems for a class spawn :>


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                      A yearly spawn with a really limited, targeted pool of only top lv gear. Or like, a few spawns, but you can only pick one and do it once.
                      It'd be good to have something to save for once a year that'd guarantee you usable gear for whatever class you wanna play. I think we all need something to keep the hope alive.
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                        All I want is a couple of weeks without lag so the game is more enjoyable.


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                          Hmm a good 33c and 34c mons of my stats and that'll be all. I need something to use my 33c Ninos and fodders on.
                          Anything along the lines of Napoleon/Galileo/Young Yasha/Tsukuyomi and Aquarius/Kroyt/Aldebaran/Diritas/Tourbillon would do. I'm not picky!

                          ¤ LichtKreis ¤


                          • catling
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                            I'm holding out for a nice little 33/34c step up for similar reasons! and same, Napoleon would be grand because I'm seriously lacking dark mons lol