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What are people asking UL Santa for over christmas and new years?

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  • What are people asking UL Santa for over christmas and new years?

    mostly self-explanatory:
    what is the one thing you're fervently hoping and saving your gems for this holiday season?
    bonus: what other goodies are you excited to see?

    guildies and I have done a little bit of spitballing and most of us are raring to go for a monster step-up as usual! while the new christmas monsters are perhaps a little too high-end for a typical step-up at the moment, it'd be amazing to get a pool that gives us shot at some of the older christmas monsters, even. I'm a sucker for themed spawns, honestly. ever since I pulled summer valk I've sorta had a soft spot for seasonal redesigns!

    apart from that I'm hoping we get cute new years cosmetics again. FP spawn updates are always greatly needed, event cosmetics are fun to play for, cosmetic/gift shop stuff would be.. ok I guess (LOL)

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    a time machine



    • catling
      catling commented
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      SO TOURBILLION THEN..........
      (sup ling!! good to see you around here again)

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    cosplay aizen

    Creds to each artist for the gorgeous art<3


    Icons 101


    • Fenix Hyral
      Fenix Hyral commented
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      [Ancient Engine] Aizen
      36 Cost, Time Element
      (looks like Aizen, colored bronze and grey with moss and rust in some places)

      260ap physical piercing damage two times
      10ap per level

      Reduces enemy action speed and cost recovery for 60 seconds
      Casts Piercer on Party for 60 seconds
      Increases cost recovery for 60 seconds

      Casts Hero on self for 60 seconds.

      Sound good?

    • Bevgebra
      Bevgebra commented
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      fenix Hyral
      i approve
      gotta have that null dmg twice too 8D

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    I want a life
    Soyyy | ID: 2012183903
    F2P 803k lancer

    YT: SoyyyUL
    Love my guildies!!! <3


    • roychan
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      *uninstalling game* catling

    • Keiryu
      Keiryu commented
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      Awww. Thanks buddy ya gonna make me blush. My life needs more sauce too. We are a match made on the dinner table.

    • roychan
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      xDDDDD Keiryu

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    A poo collab... Wait not Christmasy enough... A Christmas poo collab? Maybe make the poo wear little santa hats, and greet everyone with "Howdy Ho!"....?

    Jokes aside though. I just like to see christmas furniture.


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      Winter titania

      Also... I dunno, but if we are following this last year pattern (tsukiyomi) , we might get a new chinese zodiac themed monster. 2019 is the year of the pig so... We might get a monster along those lines. As for what i personally want... A step up spawn with 34 and higher guaranteed monsters (or gear) on step 3 ^^

      Oh and another event like Ariel's


      • catling
        catling commented
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        !!CUTE GIRL ALERT!!
        aw that person has done such a good job designing..

        yeah I'd really love more chinese zodiac stuff, all the things we've had so far have been really adorable, actually. a tie-in zodiac event could be good as well? I'm studying over the new year, so actually a low AP event like that would be ideal for me too.. if I can auto it or at least zone out a little I could definitely have fun multitasking it!

      • Albus
        Albus commented
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        catling We got this event for now at least xD now let's wait and see if it comes to global.

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      A Christmas spawn that is actually good would be nice.


      • niconutela
        niconutela commented
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        ima need to agree with this ^

        some good shared would be nice too

      • LuckyLinoone
        LuckyLinoone commented
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        Yeah, something other than Treasure Spawns and Box Spawns would be nice...

      • Gløwingly
        Gløwingly commented
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        Really hoping they have another spawn similar to the Black Friday/cyber Monday one

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      Pls I just want Spica or Aquarius or Lieryl or aNY op res mon in my stats ): I'm also still waiting for MORE COSMETICS IN THE COSMETIC SHOP (specifically the Fall(?)/Winter(?) matching beanie and coat cosmetics)


      • callyforniaroll
        callyforniaroll commented
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        To add to this, all the JPUL furniture/cosmetics they never gave to us :')
        Last edited by callyforniaroll; 12-23-2018, 01:19 PM.

      • catling
        catling commented
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        oof I feel this, I keep getting into carnage groups that are like 'if you don't have res what are you even doing here' and it's like.. I'm unlucky with res, ok? ;; I have karma, buffs, uni gauge, cost recovery and hp boosts.. I'm doing my best..

        and yea I'm always hungry for more cosmetics.. gimme.. *q*

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      I originally wanted Wolfheznal, but a newer alt of mine got him so I guess I'm happy with that. I honestly just want more cosplay monsters like Holiday Behemoth, Xmas Merc, etc. (I realize Little Red Riding Hood and Tourbillion just got new versions but I just wanna see more)

      Isaac | ID: 2060735814

      Lucky | ID: 2086358066
      Just a filthy casual that's been around for a while~


      • catling
        catling commented
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        I'm the same, I'm a glutton for themed mons LOL.. I got holiday behemoth but I want merc still.. all the christmas designs are so cute..

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      I would love a blessing or a hero monster (preferably dark but seeing as how only mikeal or whatever her name was has it and the new 36c water monster has it...not the chirstmas one but the one that was released when 40c fire event also came out)

      Would also love if a shinji during Eva collab that's bound to happen sooner or later


      • catling
        catling commented
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        ohh I forgot that collab happened on JP.. I hope we do actually get it.. I'm hanging in there like 'hey maybe Ateam wants to finalise it after the new year rush has ended so we don't have another disaster christmas!' but part of me is scared that there are new licensing issues or something..

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      A decent 33+ cost mon with an ATK stat. I have to rely on my guildmates pretty hard to win unisons and I just feel like once I use up my Ais/Showman I'm just holding them back.


      • catling
        catling commented
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        you should be able to get that eventually, 33c lowroll step-ups aren't so uncommon, so it's a matter of time before you pull a useful stat. I was in the same situation needing 34c MATK, and finally pulled DEF/MDEF Spica (an acceptable compromise) and then MATK/MDEF Lancelot, so I was pretty thrilled

        it'll happen for you eventually, just keep saving those gems for good spawns! don't give in to the siren song of low rates!!

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      I need my winter/christmas furniture since they decided not to give them out last year >:^(
      Ofc and all the new years cosmetics and stuff bc cosmetic league, cosmetics don't betray you like spawns do

      I need a decent res mon too, since mithra's basically useless now-
      Kimono monster collection: Baby Yash, Kyrot, Mithra, Tsukiyomi, Tsuyukusa Yutaka Miku


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        To be blessed with Atk stats monsters because all I get are matk/mdef-def or def/mdef


        • Rand0mK4d13
          Rand0mK4d13 commented
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          *whispers* you can keep a hold of those monsters for either potential unlocking or you could keep them in stock if you need them for ToJ to get some stuff from it, that's mainly why my gear locker is filled with non-staves and other such items

        • Cutepet09
          Cutepet09 commented
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          Pretty much what I do especially since having a hero monster is pretty bless lol

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        A High cost ability lance with a good proc, and ability
        A monster with resurrection
        A monster with blessing
        A beard cosmetic
        More light element gear
        Seven deadly sin collab (that I missed)
        More Christmas themed gear and make them attainable for free to play people.
        List goes on...


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          add me to the list of people who'd like a monster with Res ability


          • HotMessExpress
            HotMessExpress commented
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            Mithra was originally a new year spawn iirc, so maybe they'll bring her back