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Has anyone still yet to get their account age cosmetics?

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  • Has anyone still yet to get their account age cosmetics?

    I STILL haven't despite my account being almost well over 2 years old. I just want to know if it is just me or if others still haven't gotten theirs.

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    I haven't gotten mine either despite being 3 years old (or around that)


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      And yet my one year old alt got its 1 year Anniversary medal cosmetic...

      So it is not just me....

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    Nearing 900 consecutive days and I've yet to receive anything.


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      I still haven't received anything..but my alt got like 4 cosmetics, and my main is older than my alt. I don't get how login streaks work?? For my main, my login streak restarted, Now I'm on day 90 something.. but I haven't logged into my alt for like a reaaaally long time, and yet when I log in, the login streak continues (on day 754 I think?I can't remember) and didn't restart, and it got the account age cosmetics.. can someone please help me?


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        Yes and no.
        My main alt and main acc have been active and not recieve it. But yesterday i just logged in a two year old abandoned acc that got the 300 and 400(?) Cosmetics on their first day back.

        Isnt that something
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          Nope, nothing here yet either.


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            my current main is about 2-3 weeks away from being a year old (I don't remember when I made the account anymore) and my main alt is at least a year old since that account was made during last year's anniversary event and neither account's received account age cosmetics
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              Nothing here yet.

              Is there a list of what the login cosmetics are? They’ve told us so little about them, I don’t know if I’m even eligible to get anything.

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              • JtheDuelist
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                I saw a 100 balloon as one, so that may be the minimum

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              Haven't gotten mine either and I'm over 2 years


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                As far as I can tell it is set to give you the item the first time you log in after that day has passed just like the gem gifts for hitting specific dates. So if the day has passed for you some time ago and you have logged in more than once since you will not get the item. I have 9 active accounts all 2 years + and none of them have gotten any of the items, nor has anyone I know that is consistently active (unless they have crossed one of the milestone dates after this was introduced). I logged in a couple of long dead accounts to see what would happen and each received several items because those dates had passed while they were inactive.

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                  They were only introduced within the last few updates, but yeah no luck here, either.
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                    In the 12/6 maintenance log they tell us to "bare with them" on the distribution of the cosmetics to us who have passed the milestones. Yet its been well over 2 weeks and still nothing. I've been a player for about 2 1/2 years now.
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                      We might have to wait till next Wednesday.
                      They are on a holiday.

                      Today is the solstice (which is observed) Sunday and Monday are the celebrations for the emperor's birthday (another holiday) and Christmas is on tuesday... So they will be back on Wednesday at best

                      Do not worry guys everything will be fine

                      I already made sure to leave avi a note about this ^^


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                        3 year old player with no cosmetics. Nice to know us long term players are valued so highly.


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                          I didn’t get it on my main....

                          Meanwhile my alt that I haven’t logged into for months got it lololol I was thinking maybe it was dumped in my gift box full of mats and stuff and it just expired on me? But then I think anything that expires that appears in your box will be in the cosmetic selection just greyed out.