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The "... and more" problem

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    Honestly Albus basically said it perfectly. What's the use in complaining. If ya still do it anyway? I mean sure. Ya could complain about poo on ya bed. However. If ya are the one who keeps pooping on it. Ya kinda lose all reason...

    Ateam didn't force ya to spawn. They just give ya the spawn. Ya as the player, are the one to decide to do it. Ya can also not use the "Oh i thought it was this and this kinda spawn." Since there nothing stopping ya from coming here, and ask if the spawn is worth it. Telling ya yes or no. Would still be faster than a bunch of people complaining that ateam is poo... I mean for lilith's sake. Ya are complaining, just for the sake of complaining. Just don't spawn. It's a lot easier than ya might think.


    • Lucelv
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      Victim blaming much?

    • Keiryu
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      Implying there are any victims much? All i see is people complaining, after doing the spawns. instead of actually thinking before they act. Just imagine how much time would be saved, if people just asked if the spawn is worth it.
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      [didn’t mean to post here]
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    I do understand encouraging people to check first, and people should absolutely be doing this with absolutely any kind of purchase, but the issue with 'and more' remains. it's difficult to see how gear can be described as 'featured' when the full list of 'featured' gear is never displayed anywhere publicly.

    it's the same issue with 'rate up on featured gear', if the improved rate or featured gear isn't disclosed, then there's no way for players to actually verify what rates have been increased to (if at all), or what items they have been increased for outside of extensive collection of data from other players (which tbh I think we as a community could benefit from doing) or straight up ToS-breaking activities.

    in addition, there's the fuzzy issue of all SSR items being classed as the same item 'type' despite them now ranging between 20-31c.

    all in all, that's a lot of fuzzy, incomplete or unverifiable claims being advertised. while it's frustrating seeing so many blatant newbs burn through gems without reading small print, we really, really can't expect people to be pleased about how advertising is handled in-game when there are so many issues with it.

    as much as I have fun playing UL, and as much as I want to see it continue to thrive, after a year+ of playing, I find myself hoping that it gets hit hard by revisions to a certain section 3.1.1 clause in Apple's app store guidelines.


      Originally posted by catling View Post
      I do understand encouraging people to check first,

      and people should absolutely be doing this with absolutely any kind of purchase,

      but the issue with 'and more' remains.

      it's difficult to see how gear can be described as 'featured'

      when the full list of 'featured' gear
      Whole post was good, but your first paragraph was really on-topic, so I slowed it down a bit to make sure everyone has a chance to really soak it in.
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        I didn't vote for any these because even though I think that the decision to not reveal the spawn list is crap, I also don't think this spawn is crap. Not in the sense that the results that are likely to be favorable, but because it allows, for a relatively small amount of gems, anyone to obtain top level gear.
        That being said, I aim to get the best gear possible and just work in the direction I get the best results which is...not the way most people are playing this game.
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          Screw the people who keep saying "just check the spawns" or "you should know by now" because news flash NOT ALL PLAYERS ARE ON THE FORUMS. I hope we keep getting these posts because Ateam needs to understand predatory tactics aren't okay. This game can be so much more if the company wasn't so greedy.


          • Keiryu
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            News flash: Complaining on the forums won't stop people from spawning. Which means ateam won't stop making those spawns. Why? BECAUSE NOT ALL PLAYERS ARE ON THE FORUMS!!!

            Yeah... Who would have guessed that the same logic can be used like this too... The "They are not on the forum." excuse. Is about as good as the "I didn't know it." excuse. Because those people then come here to complain how poo the spawn is. When they could have come here to ask if the spawn is good to begin with. It would have saved them so much time. Which in turn means. People would not be spawning. Which in turn again means. Ateam will not see a profit from it, and might remove it.

            It's called thinking. If they don't do it, it's their fault... Not ateams. I am all for blaming ateam. However. It's only when there is a valid reason. Case and point the The great cleanse of Oratio. Not when people don't want to bother getting information before spawning...

          • Big_Don_Chopper
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            The fact that you're complaining about my complaining should yell you how foolish it is to complain about others complaining because things can always be turned around.

          • Keiryu
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            That implies i am complaining... I am debating which is very different. I am providing facts to debate why complaining doesn't solve anything. Complaining is making an account just to say "this is poo." a debate is a argument given to explain why such a thing doesn't solve anything. Or to give an other example. I could jusy say. All those "ateam sucks, i want better stuff." comments are pure trash. Which then would be a complaint. Since i am not actually trying to find a solution. I am all for giving valid solutions. However half the comments just say. "This is poo. Don't make it cause i spawned it and didn't get that shiny new gear i wanted." Only to be back a week later complaining again that they once again fell for it and spawned the same kind of poo spawn. It's like i said a vicious cycle of people complaining just for the sake of complaining. While still giving ateam the cash they want.

            Ateam doesn't give a flying fart if we complain here. They care about how much cash they make from spawns. If people spawn it. They keep making it. Is it unfair and cheap of ateam to not disclose everything? Yes. Are they gonna stop if people keep spawning? No.

            All i am saying this whole time is. Stop spawning and ateam will have to think about if it is worth it to keep the spawn around. Keep spawning and next week we will have the same guys complaining about the same thing again. Plain and simple.

          As I said in another post, what is the point of a guaranteed select gear if you don't know what it is? It might as well just say guaranteed SSR, or guaranteed something.


            Keiryu The issue is bigger than this, you know. You are assuming that everyone who has interest in this spawn has or has done one of the following: Knowledgeable friends, compared the spawn list of this spawn to the list of the regular spawn, or joined a community like discord or forums. There are tons of people that have NONE of this.

            And besides THAT lame argument you've got, the actual problem comes from the fact that ATeam went from showing an item from EVERY select gear series then including the "And More", to showing only the rarer parts of the select gear series and then hiding all other select gears behind the ambiguous "And More".

            It should be changed back. Plain and simple. No one should have to go to a 3rd party to get literal money-wasting information when it can be (and has been) provided by ATeam in the past.


            • Keiryu
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              I love how ya call my argument lame while providing the same basic excuse most others do. Here is a wake up call. I NEVER SAID IT SHOULDN'T BE CHANGED BACK!

              My "lame" argument. Is that complaining here does jack all. It has the same effect as pissing in the wind. Ateam is free to bring out whatever poo spawn they want. It's ya as a thinking human being that decides to actually do them. Example. Gem box spawn. They poo. Complete trash. Yet somehow people still do them. Only to then complain how poo the spawn is. Are ya saying that is also ateams fault? Cause thag spawn literally has the whole box and number showing...

              My whole argument. Is that people are just complaining without solving anything. It's not even the first time spawns like that came out. So people have no excuse for bot knowing that it is poo even if they don't use any third party source. All they have to do is use their brains for a little bit before picking up the pitchfork. However do they do it? No! They rather complain and complain only to still fall for the same dumb spawns and then complain again. It's a vicious circle that isn't stopping anytime soon. It's ridiculous how much idiotic complaining i have seen in my time here on the forums. People make accounts to complain but they don't make one to actually get informed. Explain that logic to me?

            I noticed the " and more but also checked the spawn contents as well to see what the and more most likely was and assumed that because it didnt have only the monsters in the featured part, near the top of the rates list I assumed there were going to be trash 30c+ items, I never expected to only pull from the 5 or so listed features monsters...its unison league, if it sounds too good to be true it most likely is


              i think you do have the right to complain but, c’mon. are you surprised? Ateams always been like this. On the other hand though, 90%+ dont even know forums exist, “select” gear piece is kind of misleading. I think catling’s comment brings a good idea. There should be a new rarity or something for gear above 31C or just simply

              Show all the featured gear
              Thatd prolly never happen tho ;;


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                Which one of you read the message that I wrote, and tagged all of you in?

                If you missed it.

                I will rewrite it over and over again until all these do-nothing-nobody-mindless-children are convinced to my, very, very correct, line of thinking.
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                  Oh I’m sorry mods.

                  Was there something /wrong/ with my post?

                  Did you have to remove my post, because there was something /wrong/ with it?

                  Why didn’t you just /ignore it/ mods.

                  You can remove the post, but because I can just repost it, your efforts are meaningless.

                  Just stop modding:
                  Stop trying. It’s a waste of time.


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                    Why didn't you just /ignore it/ mods.
                    Why didn't you just ignore me instead of seething for days straight? You gotta be a child with how you have been acting and if not just wow. You can go ahead and seethe some more but this is the last time I'm going to even bother with you.

                  • Faust
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                    Because it’s a silly mindset you and some others have.

                    Conform, because you are in the wrong.

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                    SHOW THE FEATURED GEARS!!!
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                        MAKE A FULL LIST
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