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[Clarification] 4000 Stat for Pet Limimin

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    [Clarification] 4000 Stat for Pet Limimin

    Im confused by the badly (imo) translated English.

    Is it 4k total stats (ex 4000matk, 2000matk+2000atk, 1500def+2500mdef, etc)
    Or is it 4k total in each stat (4k matk+4k atk, 4k def, 4k mdef)

    Was arguing with someone over this. Basically, as a mage, if I want MATK, should i never feed it anything except matk fruit, or feed it whatever since it will all be the same in the end.
    What A Pain

    4k total it seems, which honestly I think its a bad should allow us to pick 2 stats we want to 'main' in and allow 5k total for those, and then the two sub stats not picked allow a max of 1k each so we can still use any fruits.
    A few suggestions:


      If it’s only 4000 total then I’m screwed lol. I’ve already fed my limi around 500 worth of mdef and def so i will only able to have 3500 max matk from limi. I know 500 isnt anything to be upset over but it still makes me kinda emo since I always love more matk
      800k Mage



        Its total 4k at max lvl (lvl 50) dont forget its like a room and later we can hold more pet
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