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What did you guys name your Limis?

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  • What did you guys name your Limis?

    I need some inspiration so I can figure out what to name mine. '^_^

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    Mine was green so I thought of Aria (wind) or Apple... I ended up calling her Apple since the girls thought it was cute as fu-


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      Hung around in the special limimin chatrooms for a couple hours earlier. Most people named theirs based from the color that they got. Some have used names with "Min" in it. Named mine Minty so I guess I belong to both groups.

      Some went ahead and took the edgy route, some creative ones naming theirs as "Disappointment" and "Depression".

      A few named theirs after common pet names.

      You could always rename yours for 3 gems if you didn't like your initial choice, aye?


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        Bevzen; it had to be done :^)

        Have some friends who named theirs after the color of their limis like Lemon/Lime/Minty/etc.

        I know of others who chose names from different languages that share the meaning of the color of their limi. So I guess that falls under the same type as the first group, but the international version hue

        One of my friends named his after this nickname that we call him by.

        Oh and another one named his Boba, since his username is Taro. SO CUTE.

        Creds to each artist for the gorgeous art<3


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          Lili (Lee-Lee)
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            Bopo for Stellarmin
            And Starme for greenmin because thats the nickname my bf gave me and im a green dragon so...
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              Cause y not?
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              • Vegecat
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                Does your limi need surgery?

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              Cause i was watching scream queens at the time


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                most of the names i made were really raunchy

                one of them is named Orphan, but yea

                Els**** forums got boring--- I'll just be lurking here every now and then
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                  Green - Xiaodan (Chinese name meaning little dawn)
                  Star - Nemesis


                  • ThaliaOfArmada
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                    Xiaodan. Without the accent marks, it sounds like &quot;Little egg&quot; XD

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                  jam. ik it sounds weird but my first two initials are js, so i took the j + am from sam and bam. jam

                  it feels right.

                  ((i also have a guildie who hatched a star limi and named it fizzylemon just because
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                    I named mine Gorgophone! According to Greek mythology, Gorgophone was one of Andromeda's daughters, and she was married to 2 kings, boo yeah! So yeah, I went with that.

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                      I named mine Pandora's actor


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                        Named the little critter sock
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                          I named mine Galaco. I realized that She's a time Element....