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[OFF-TOPIC THREAD] Let's Chat Pt. 8!

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  • A happy new year from Europe hope ya all have a great entrance into the new year both those that already entered it and also those that are still waiting for it and with that.

    Keiryu... Out see ya all next year. Haha


    • happy new year~
      no fireworks this year cuz i slept through the countdown ;o;

      let's make 2019 a great year (cough by making some cosplay aizens cough ateam cough) !

      jokes aside, looking forward to yet another year with all of you~

      Creds to each artist for the gorgeous art<3


      Icons 101


      • Happy New Year, guys. Hope we get some 45 cost gear next xmas. GG


        • Happy New Year from the Asia
          Its been 12 hours since 2019 and so far, I haven’t hit 600k...
          Praying to RNGesus... || I gave up on colo!
          Clippygoat || lvl 180 || Mage || 686k gs || F2P || 2091798093


          • FencingFoxFTW
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            Well, at least you are closer than me.

        • Happy New Year guys!


          • Just made this fast kus why not

            Happy New Year btw

            o and this ^ should be safe as long as I don't claim to represent Ateam, just double checked the forum rules again just in case
            500k+ GS main archer (vary with an elemental set) ; idk wut k+ GS all other class (was playing them all)
            ID: 2042972836 in case u wanna ask me stuff in game or stalk me idk

            > check my Field effect post if you got time, thx ( updated with elemental attack and Collapse )

            First Fire Mobius (4/14/2016 - 4/20/2016) : Rank 1 ( Total Points ; Group A )


            • Random thought- but do you guys also feel awkward when ya unison but no one else joins you ​¯\_(ツ)_/¯


              • Bryan_the_guy
                Bryan_the_guy commented
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                Feels bad when somebody does a unison you don't join cause nobody else joins in and so you hold the uni but then everybody starts using it at the last second.

                Same when everyone has unison and uses it and your just like 1 attack away from unison.

              • Nemurerumori
                Nemurerumori commented
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                when people hold unison to avoid matching, then they all panic throw it at the last halfsecond and match

            • Happy New Year to everyone, I've been sick with a huge flu since the 28th of december which allowed me to skip work to celebrate New Year's Eve but at the same time I was too sick to actually do anything big.
              Still had a great time destroying friends in Smash and eating all the candies they brought to my house.

              The year started pretty damn good in UL with these awesome spawns which gave me all I wanted and more (Suthiara scroll, 2 Heal up gear, the stuff I mentioned on the UL Santa thread aka 33c and 34c mons to use fodder on, a few other mons as bonus because why not, and the recently introduced staff from the new 3-in-one weapon series), got like a 80k gs boost out of all that. Quite a few event to farm but no energy to run anything for now.

              Here's to a great and healthy 2019

              ¤ LichtKreis ¤


              • Nemurerumori
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                don't forget to update your signature with those new mons

              • Shanoa
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                It shall be done

            • Does anyone here play another game besides Unison League? While I love UL I'm struggling to find time to play it while playing another game I love, so I'm wondering if anyone has some advice on how to manage 2 games at the same time.
              ID: 2028204050 (F2P)


              • Crystal
                Crystal commented
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                For me, it depends on the game's structure. If I have &quot;AP&quot; to use for either Unison League or another said game, I start farming on UL and once the AP is gone, I move on to the other game and start grinding until the &quot;AP&quot; is depleted.
                If the other game doesn't use &quot;AP,&quot; then I prioritize UL more on farming the events, gathering gems, etc. Then move on to play the other game as my AP refills.

            • That face when I am wrapping up changes to my gear set, tab out for a few minutes, then tab back in to find out that I've been disconnected.
              Nemurerumori / Sword / Fujin
              Guild: COLOSSUS
              Game ID: 2017106838
              ----- ID: Slypheed
              Password: 123456


              • Exifea
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                Video Spawns as well

            • Using Kumbhira Crashes Paper Mario

              IGN: FN || Leaf ID: 2042811095

              This Is How You DO Play Lancers


              • Rand0mK4d13
                Rand0mK4d13 commented
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                serious question though: did anyone attempt to summon Mitsuhide? If not, that's a small benefit, it someone did..... meet them in the duel room tomorrow and fight them

              • ediblegoat
                ediblegoat commented
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                Should’ve used half a press... oh wait, that was a different mario game...

              • LaconicLeaf
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                Rand0mK4d13 No one used Mitsuhide, but if they did, I would've glared at them so hard. I still hate Mitsuhide >_>

                ediblegoat Well, Edible ''Henry'' Goat, hear me out. An A press actually has three parts to it. When A is pressed, when A is held, and when A is released. And together, this forms one complete A press.

            • How's the game going
              ~340-350k GS
              ~Hobbies include: not finding a good cosmetic set
              Add me, I DARE YOU º^º
              ID: 2040987014


              • Bevgebra
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            • Hello! Firstly, I'm sorry that I didn't get to inform the forums immediately on where I went. I informed some close friends and Patrons in the community as to what was going on during the first few weeks of December.

              This past December was wild. What I thought to be a simple cough and fever for the first week turned to be a serious disease, which escalated to possible serious lung disease(s) the latter weeks. I got confined to a hospital after an X-Ray showed huge signs of it. Within those days, I've had a minor operation to get stuff out of my system. I almost had to celebrate New Year's at the hospital if it not for being allowed to go home and continue my medications at New Year's Eve. But it's not until my return for a check up in a couple days from now before I fully figure out what my lung diseases are. I already got medications under the assumptions that they're one or the other or both.

              Anyway, I apologize for the absence the entire December. To think all that started from taking an energy drink to do more ULWiki work, LOL
              My resolution for this year is to already abstain or lessen my carbonated drink intake, and I will probably need to renovate our home so it's a more healthy place to rest. I've been back and playing since I got out from the hospital, so if you get to see me in-game, it really is me. xP

              Again, I'm sorry for being missing! Also Ateam Admin, you got some explaining to do about a certain ad I saw. I'll post here once I have a pic of it again. Though I hope it was more fanmade than legit LOL


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              My account is under the same name! Please consider supporting and check it out!

              Taibo Scrub, Carbuncold and Brash, and Tai and Merlyn by Mimi
              Vampire Merlyn and TaikunZ and Darling by deviousSprite
              Multiple memes by the Salsa
              Yandere Merlyn by Yumicchii
              Happy Birthday Me by Match-i
              Merlyn by Stargod Tellus


              • Bevgebra
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                Oh my good lord I just took a closer look at the ad and I’m choking

                /I’m not gonna be cleric

              • Ateam Admin
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                Tai's screenshot cut off the text so here's the rest:

                Maybe I'll be Lancer. (I'm already Lancer.) What about a Warrior? (I'm already Warrior.) I'll be Archer. (NERF ARCHER.) You're right. So, Mage. (I wanna be Mage.) I have an idea. (What's your idea?) You should be -- (I'M NOT GONNA BE CLERIC)

                Please, no applause necessary.

              • Bevgebra
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                @Ateam Admin

                Somehow I just knew Archer was gonna be the one called out for a nerf :')

            • Oh hey, just a thought

              Has any suggested unison gauge changes? I’m talking specially about when a person uses Unision, the gauge be depleted immediately instead of waiting until after the animation to deplete it. This would help with not having to stagger certain monsters for their addition to the gauge like Tiny Tyr or Galileo.
              ID: 2053041654
              Willing to help everyone~


              • Nemurerumori
                Nemurerumori commented
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                dont think they'll do this, because you could just get back 100% unison this way by using 5x monsters that give at least 20% unison and you could just unison forever back to back with no actions in between.

                imagine that in PvP lol

            • It’s very annoying having to constantly go against guilds that decide they don’t want to be in S rank because they are “a casual guild” even though they have max (or near max) crystal and perfect records during exhibition.


              • Nemurerumori
                Nemurerumori commented
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                Yeah, a lot of guilds are intentionally throwing RGB so they don't move into S Block.

                The rewards are far superior if you stay in S, but the ones who are forcing themselves to be in A don't really care about the reward, so ATEAM can't really do anything about it. Raising or lowering won't sway most of these players.

                I feel bad for A Block here, but I actually know a lot of players who want to stay in A, because they don't feel like they're up to standards (they completely were imo) or just didn't want to feel pressured to perform.