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[OFF-TOPIC THREAD] Let's Chat Pt. 8!

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    [OFF-TOPIC THREAD] Let's Chat Pt. 8!

    The last thread was getting pretty monstrous, so although it was the last thread that Froggy created that was still stuck, it's time for us to start a new one.

    As always please use this thread for discussion that is or is not related to Unison League. ALL OTHER FORUM RULES APPLY TO THIS THREAD.


    ¤ LichtKreis ¤


      I CALL DIBS ON uhh...

      ThE SKY?



        (Also in order we can see a Tyrell, a Targaryen and a Lannister)

        (I must admit, that Shanoa queen of thorns has a nice ring to it)


          I'm pretty sure almost everyone else has been in school for weeks or even months now, but I finally start tomorrow... Welp.

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            all was at peace...

            until the spam bots attacked

            Creds to each artist for the gorgeous art<3


            Icons 101


              ive been getting abt 3 hrs of sleep daily bc of doing colo


              also dibs on lucky #7

              Els**** forums got boring--- I'll just be lurking here every now and then
              Casually likes quality posts


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                Real life > fighting internet dragons

                Real health > Colo medals

                You only get one body per lifetime. Take care of it. Sleep is important for everything from digestion and your immune system to glucose metabolism and long term memory. People think the price of sleep deprivation is just feeling tired the next day, but feeling tired is not quite the same as a higher risk of diabetes, mental illness, certain cancers (although those can be tiring!) their assumption is a bit off.

              • Cyntus
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                lol yea you're right though, I started sleeping normally again mid-colo season bc of that.
                My addiction to doing Colo got the best of my sleep schedule, never again xD
                Thanks for the advice fr

              A team, you really have a serious problems with bots and spam


                WEW am here for this
                Basically retired.

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                  Ateam Forums is the reason why I can watch NCAA Football (seriously tho, kill those spam users)
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                    i applaud you for creating this thread after i have been complaining about it for quite some time (even though i quit this game lfjhdsh)

                    how is everyone doing? are my babies still here? wheres my fam at? wassup with yall?


                      so i started a ul trash channel bc i wanted an excuse to edit stuff for video thubnails. i would hate if i actually became an popular one but i doubt cuz im no whale + no editing skills/software. it just recorded footage with music on top of it.

                      i also got summer bastet
                      solier stats :^)
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                      • Vegecat
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                        I'm sure your editing skills could improve if you wanted them to, and IDK what you're using now but there's probably a way to get better software without paying a ton of $

                      • Magic Star
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                        I use GIMP 2 for art stuff so i also do trashposts whith that too... which videos are just an excuse for me to make trashpost thumbnails LOL. I use windows movie live maker since all I really do is group the recorded videos together, clip the endings so they're &quot;okay&quot; and put in some music. I dont do commentary or anything really funny like montages with text or anything. i would if i did have like those really better video editng softwares.

                        but in the end its jsut a hobby for me to enjoy. and i do enjoy it espeically with my latest video on a rook bug which was just an excuse ti group K***y music on a montage of the bug. it was great, i enjoyed it.

                        This is just an example what i mean by an edited image trashpost. i love doinng these :^)

                      This is so sad

                      Limimin play Despacito


                        This is not really off-topic I had some questions about this game, if the someone could answer them-- the questions are probably stupid but it would help me

                        About the extra classes:
                        1. Would lancers make good treasure hunters or does the basic class not really matter for the extra class?
                        2. Are mage stats better for berserkers (A former guildie said it is more suited for people who have high matk but I don't really understand)?

                        About Xenoblade?
                        1. A guildie was asking about a special medal that gives the Xenoblade that has the ability, Heroic Drive and that it was apparently introduced to JPUL, was this introduced in the Global version? 2. These special medals they are the ones awarded in raids (not practice)?

                        Kismet in the Guild customisation
                        1. When Kismet gets activated during the crystal attack does it take the opponents debuffs and turn them into your allies buffs?

                        Another stupid question
                        1. I have been hoarding so many low cost ssr gear from video spawn do you sell your low cost ssr gear?

                        If it's not too much to ask, could you give me some detailed answers (break it down to more simple-- not a clever one here) on the extra classes and kismet. Thank you.


                        • Cyntus
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                          Extra Classes
                          1) Usually Treasure Hunters are played by mage/archer classes, since most of TH's skills are magical-based.
                          2) Depends. Physical zerks is RNG with Shower of Carnage as it can miss quite often and can hit between 2-5times.
                          Mage zerks are more consistent in terms of damage w/ Kill Dance but the hits go everywhere. They're best of single targets like Crystal Assault.
                          Archer zerks are just as consistent with Dark Illumination/Deadly Roulette.
                          Basically mage/archer zerks > physical zerks in terms of consistency/damage.

                          1) You get Heroic Dive when you awaken the SR Sword (25c) all the way up to UUR (36c). It takes a really long time and dedication to get it, as you'd have to do Ranked Guild Battles (RGB), Ranked Guild Raids (RGR), and other various contents outside of guild stuff (Colosseum, Mobius Path, Elemental Ordeals).
                          2) These 'special medals' you're talking about comes from RGR, in the form of Shield Crests which is used to awaken defensive Xenogears (the armors/helms). Sword Crests are the ones needed to awaken weapons, which comes from RGB.

                          Kismet stuff
                          1) Kismet just turns whatever debuffs that is on the crystal into buffs onto itself. Such a mechanic like you said doesn't exist.
                          Ex: Empress Bind lowers the Crystal's def/mdef by 10%. The Crystal will cast kismet and turn it to a positive 10% def/mdef.

                          Last question
                          1) Sell low cost SSR stuff asides from the stuff with Elemental defense on them. Keep weapons of your main class with Elemental offense slapped onto them (personally, I'd sell the ones with unusable procs once you gather enough in the future).
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                        • Faust
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                          Try making a thread (or 5) in either the General or Strategy sections.

                          I think you can get some good answers (to your good questions) if you put them/yourself out there.

                          Strategy will usually get you better/less replies, and General is usually more/usually-good replies.

                          If you feel you've got the questions for 5 different threads; make 5 different threads.

                        • Dot
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                          Cyntus Thank you cleared up all my confusion.

                          Faust Ok will do that next time^^

                        The game is getting more provocative or it was always this way?

                        Either way I contributed to this when I voted on Blue Team on 1st April.
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