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What happened to old monster and old event ?

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    What happened to old monster and old event ?

    I was checking some stats when I see an old monster
    If someone remember here : Xiao QIao, Chui Master

    So I wonder if these old monster and stuff will make a comeback or they'll die and be forgotten (it would be sad).

    It the same for some event, unfortunately I dont know all the old event because I download the game much later after his release on the global.

    I was just reminiscing about this monster and the quest associated with her yesterday.


      Isnt that from a collab?


      • Imperialroyal
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        I retyped this one because the first one didnt load for some reason

      Apparently Xiao Quiao was a app collab


        shes prolly gonna stay in the void forever tbh

        insert war flashback of everyone using only her and ssr sakuya for a solid month

        Els**** forums got boring--- I'll just be lurking here every now and then
        Casually likes quality posts


          Well this event monster was from an old (and the only time ever) Unison league made a crossXover with a different game, called sangoku taisen SMAAASH.

          (fun fact they are havin a collab with queen's blade)

          and as Cyntus said, this event will not make a return (most likely)
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            Ahhh xiao qiao such a nostalgic feel...
            i got her 4 times and sold them all
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              inb4 pots unlocked, 10k to every stat