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Soldier class weak in all areas

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    If we go about what each class is supposed to do, its an utter mess, zerkers using magic, lancers with low backend dps, soldiers shadowed by rooks... go figure.


    • muda
      muda commented
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      I think you're a little confused about the class system. As a decent mage, I've been OS by a well built soldier's RS. It takes 250k - 300k atk/def and a double proc, but it has certainly happened. The CD on RS is much faster than guard as well, meaning the soldier usually gets a follow up shot in when guard comes off CD. There's a reason historically why some of the top GS players in the game have consistently been soldiers.

      Soldiers and Rooks do not fulfill the same function.

      Zerker is viable to all attacking classes depending on gear/preference; of course they can use magic.

      Lancers should never been considered DPS. They are designed to utilize the break mechanic, and deliver high AP hits that will pierce defense stats. A well built lancer can put out decent DPS, but they will never be a DPS class in the same sense as Mages, Archers, or Zerkers.