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Anyone also make the mistake of selling hawk?

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  • Anyone also make the mistake of selling hawk?

    Just noticed that he has a very strong potential for a measly 21 cost monster. Usually these low cost monsters are junk but turns out he has 6k stat potential + prohibit unison.

    I really messed myself up here. It would have been nice to have one or two of him so I could lower my monster cost so I could run 9/9/9/3(helms) on my soldier argh.

    Also the prohibit unison is nice to not be uni blocked.

    I still have 5 of him left but I must have sold over 10 of him darn.
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    i sold all of them except for 2...
    a really regret it as well x.x
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      Wait what?! Well, I kept all 6 that I got. Time to reforge them all lol
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        Originally posted by Night-Hawk View Post
        Wait what?! Well, I kept all 6 that I got. Time to reforge them all lol
        Check it out his potential is really good for 21 cost .

        1500 of every stat and 10 prohibit uni
        Name: [FE]Nix
        ID: 2070886296


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          I sold all of those piggies rip


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            I am an item hoarder. I still have every single special Limi in my box. Soooooo, yeaaaaah. I did not sell the pig.


            • muda
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              me too man, i keep all the special limis for whatever reason

            • HotMessExpress
              HotMessExpress commented
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              I like busting out a gates of babymin sometimes for lols. Lots of the collab limis are pretty good for starter gear

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            I got 6 kept all of them and reforged one. Don't really see a use for him rn tho, maybe one day when all my slots are full and i only have 21 cost left...


            • Raizel
              Raizel commented
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              I am with you as well in some ways. I don't see a use for him. Sure he's low cost and gives good stats, but they are all over the place. A mage and cleric dont need the atk. A lancer or soldier wont need the matk. i see only archers benefitting since they tend to have more balanced stats in every slot.

            • Tobijin
              Tobijin commented
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              This pig is made for Lancer/Soldier/Phys Berserker

              Stats of Hawk:

              3000 Atk / 3000 Mdef

              Potential 1500 of each

              So in total

              4500 Atk
              1500 Matk
              1500 Def
              4500 Mdef

              This is the dream of Phys Attacker and not Archer

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            i sold all and only kept one ;p
            my inv was super full so i had to sacrifice hawk

            Creds to each artist for the gorgeous art<3


            Icons 101


            • Vegecat
              Vegecat commented
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              I told myself that if I quickly use them all for potting 1, then, well, they'll only take up 1 space.

              ...I haven't gotten around to it yet, but at least I managed to clean up my inventory in other ways. Sorry to hear yours was so full T.T I hate juggling item slots in games, and when everything's bind on pickup, you can't even make mule accounts

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            I was going to sell hawk yesterday if I’ll ever receive recycle medals but since I didnt saw any, I decided to keep the little piggy.
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              I sold them all because I didn't want to use my eggs on them.

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                Oh shoot fr I have 6 ssr hawk chilling in my inventory lmaoo


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                  I was gonna sell those, but I put it off. Procrastination FTW YEEAH!!!
                  When I save forever & finally splurge on a really good spawn.

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                    I wound up with 6 like everyone else, how did people manage to get more though out of curiosity? It seems like everyone has 6
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                    • Bevgebra
                      Bevgebra commented
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                      i can't even remember which quest we got him from lol

                    • wonderworks
                      wonderworks commented
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                      Bevgebra daily spawn

                    • Bevgebra
                      Bevgebra commented
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                      wonderworks oh seriously? shows how much attention i paid to the collab (〃 ̄ω ̄〃)ゞ

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                    Kept all him, awoken him 3 times, just got 2 more to go


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                      I've got all my copies still, but untouched. Too short on augment mats to level up, but I was keeping him anyway at least to have low cost filler options on a future haste set.

                      Berserker is so lit. Best dps in the game right now, if I had to guess. Very competitive at least.
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