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    Which of the following features you would love to see changed/ added to the game?

    A. Remove the waiting area/time after quest. After each quest, we are usually brought to these waiting areas before being able to leave and start another quest. It usually wastes about 5-7s, including the transition time. Almost no ones stay in these area to chat, so this feature is not needed. When these 10s are added up, it can be annoying when farming.

    B. Confrontation guild tournament (One-week). Each guild can choose 3 best players to attend the tournament. No players can battle two days in a row. (If Nemu battles today, he cannot represent the team tommorow. He has to wait until the next day to attend again). No more than one of each class can be in a battle. (Ex. one guild can not select all 3 archers to compete in the same battle). These 3 players will confront 3 players from the other guild in 1-to-1 battle like duel room for 3 rounds. Who win the most rounds will win the battle that day. All members of the winner team will be rewarded three legend medals for each win, so a maximum of 21 legend medals (7 days x 3 medals) can be earned from this event. Battle is matched randomly among the same guid class.

    C. Add super gold quest that can give $6 millions of gold each quest. No key is required; however, the quest will cost 60ap.

    D. Allow to change randomized stat combo of a monster by using 20 recycle medals or 5 gems. For instance, the player is a lancer and he/she spawns Cinderella with magic attack and mdef. He will be given an option at the spawn time to give up 5 gems or 20 recycle medals to switch it to a stat combo that he likes, such as attack and def. However, this will be a one time option. If he does not change it at the time Cinderella appears in spawn, her stat can never be changed again. This will add some more values to the recycle medals as well.

    E. Increase the rounds of augment/reforge quest. Instead of having to annoyingly restart the augment/reforge quests 20 times, the quests will now have 20 rounds. The amount of ap consumed will depend on the rounds the player plays. By the time the player starts, 8 ap will be consumed, and 2 ap will be consumed each additional round. That means if the player chooses to go through all 20 rounds, a total of 40 ap will be consumed. This will allow the players farm efficiently without spending too much time to relentlessly repeat the whole process of starting/ exiting the quests.

    F. Do a Doraemon or Inuyasha or Naruto or Pokemon collaboration. (Specify which one you like in the comment)

    You can choose more than one option. Let's vote and comment your thoughts/ideas/critique
    A. Remove post-quest waiting room.
    B. Confrontation guild tournament.
    C. Super Gold Quest
    D. One-time option to change monster stat.
    E. 20-round augment/reforge quest.
    F. Doraemon/ Inuyasha/ Naruto/ Pokemon collaboration
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    I want my Doraemon Collab. //going to be so troll\\ But I don't think it's happening anytime soon since a lot of the collabs we and Jpul has had seem to relate to action anime / an anime that has a real story / plot going on.
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      Again, wasting time is a tradition with a purpose, or in other words, it's a feature rather than a bug: Increasing the (time) cost of interacting with the app, which increases the user's addiction and perceived value of the app (come on, it's obvious, most bad excuses for games rely on sunk cost and/or peer pressure to keep people playing and paying). And if the app has very little actual gameplay, then eating up a lot of supposed-gametime with these time wasters can help mask how little there actually is to do.

      Sometimes it seems companies forget what the point of the tradition is, keep doing it out of purely habit, and undo some of it especially when users complain enough (examples in UL: improved sort/filter options, Collect All button for missions, Auto Select for item selling). These are just part of the grind, no different from farming for mats, medals, or xp.

      As a user, of course I love every QoL improvement. I'm just saying they aren't doing it purely because someone has an inexplicable fetish for making you tap more pointless buttons.

      There are only 99999 threads on anime collab suggestions, some containing explanations for why they won't happen, but anyway I voted for InuYasha here. Maybe objectively speaking, it doesn't have anything outstanding about it, but it was one of the first shows I watched (after Cowboy Bebop and around the same time as FMP). A lot of the characters were drawn like, you know, I just want to pick them up and hug them (or worse)! It's ok to admit when you're biased due to eternal loyalty/nostalgia, people

      I have an irrational dislike of Pokemon that still lingers a bit, due to liking MtG in late elementary and middle school and being annoyed when people switched to Pokemon cards. I'm sure a good UL collab would help me get over the last of it hehe.

      The options I didn't vote for, I'm not necessarily against btw, I'm just indifferent or I'd have to think through the ramifications first.
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        I vote for A. Simply cause of the fact that the rest is either "Meh", or will never be implemented. Plus. I hate the delays... But, that is just my personal hate. Like the Vegetable kitty above me said. It's a feature of games like this. Blame our Japanese overlords, and their fascination with clicking stuff.


        • Vegecat
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          All so-called games with bad (or little or nonexistent) gameplay do that, though, no matter where they're made ;p

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        How bout just a super reforge quest? Can we not get that?
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          We actually kinda did have a inyusha collab... except it was more a mash up of weekly shonen jump. Inyusha, detective Conan, Ushio and Tora,Urusei Yatsura, Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic.

          Still waiting on that, Re:Zero, and Konosuba. (Given up on AOT unless ateam re-releases it in JPUL)


          • Helloandgoodbye
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            *Shounen Sunday
            Shounen Jump is Naruto, OP, Bleach etc

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          I like the first idea though cuz sometimes my game gets buggy when I’m in the waiting room and doesn’t let me leave so I’m stuck there for what seems like eternity, and so I begin to question all my life choices and why I play this game that keeps giving me stress, but then I realize that it’s become a habit and habits die hard.

          and I doubt pokemon will ever happen
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            Pokemon Collab! Remove that waiting room thing. One time change mob sounds a bit op but me want it.