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Best monsters so far, Is it part 1 or part 2

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  • Best monsters so far, Is it part 1 or part 2

    Now that part 2 is out what mon has everyone vote for MVP? Or does part 1 still have the best mons so far?

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    Merlin is the best element for RGB
    Mediodas has best skill for RGB
    Merlin has an amazing skill for tanks.
    Escanaor is also really great for RGB/Colo.
    Airi and hawkmin is also pretty good but she's yet to appear.


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      What mon would you prefer for DPS class? I wanted meliodas but no luck there. Galland seems like a good choice but not the most popular.


      • Bryan_the_guy
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        I suppose galland or zeldis (comes later but no decent buffs but does same damage as galland.) would be a good choice IF you are seeking to do damage and have no mediodas.
        However escanaor also does impressive damage
        With Diane coming to a close second.

        If you mean for buffs escanaor is a really close second, followed by galland followed by Airi and hawkmin. Again assuming you can't get mediodas. (Although escanor definitely beats melidodas in buffs since he can also increase the limit of matk and atk by 20 along with giving you buffs)

      • niconutela
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        I would still say Meliodas, and 2nd Airi and Hawkmin if/when she appear

        I would pass on all other (as DPS, because Merlin can be good with that star element), because they don't <feel> awesome imo, and Galland will mostly just throw a ward on everyone (and 60% atk/matk but there are already a lot of uni that buff basic stats) ; cost recovery debuff and speed debuff won't do much in GB or colo when other monster can just one shot the whole team in most case, and it won't be too much of an use in quest with rez and stats debuff or balance having a higher priority (most of the time)

        I kinda alway keep those super hard 35c quest in mind (and in idk when those 40c), and feel like spamming uni gain will be (and is already) an important point to win ( Airi mobs got the +5 uni each 10sec for 40sec effect with a +3 uni gain effect, so for me she is op for any class as a nice uni and utility mobs )

        mostly depend what you want and how much you want it too

        edit : will still add that having beast throwed at everyone will remove debuffs and status ailments, that's still a + that can save life when used well, so he might be worth trying a little but I still prefer Gremory with the cost recovery speed and life drain
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      • 808Rootz
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        Bryan_the_guy or anyone else, does anyone know what kind of damage people are seeing with Escanor? Are people one shotting in guild battles with Escanor? I haven’t seen one thrown yet.
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      So which one is the UR at the end? Is that the ari and hawk your referring to or a better version yet to be released? Also, since meliodas is only obtainable through step up is there a more efficient way to get him rather than blowing 251 gems at a 50% chance?
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        2nd half is definitely the looker. All of first half was kinda meh either than Gowther somewhat for PvP and Meliodas serving as the offensive nuke with attack buffs that every collab seems to have. As an owner of Meliodas myself, I can say he's quite solid in pretty much everything. His attack can range from okay (still enough to wipe out most lines) to amazing, his frenzy is great for both PvE and PvP, his reflect barrier is really good for PvP and the uni gains are a nice touch even though they might not be best for a crystal assault. Next is the 2nd half who are all great. Galand has beast for all allies which already makes him viable as a buffer, Escanor has the highest single hit ap in the game tied with Alexander as well as the overtime regen stats which are nice especially in 30% waves and applied back if balanced, and the highlight is Merlin. She's really good as something to throw before a crystal assault as she provides enough defense to just stall for uni unless the other side has some form of piercing. Same goes for PvP in general. The only things able to really counter are special defense removal monsters (Odin, Lacrosse Vivi, etc) and Sherlock Holmes who gives an aoe piercer which goes through the barriers; the main component. Star is also the hardest to counter element right now and is going to be for a while with the rarity of haste mons out there. The only real con about trying to get the 2nd half mons is that they're not as easily obtained (at least so far). 1st half literally had a ticket pack that guarantees one of those mons while 2nd ticket packs I've seen from JP had a bigger pool of monsters in them.


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          Part 1 because that box King and Ban and Elaine are the only monsters someone can get without being a whale
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            Gowther's gonna be nasty in colo but thankfully the time element is a semi-nerf so maybe not op. Great solo throw though.

            I haven't looked at the second half monsters yet, so idk anything about them
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              1 vote for Gowther.


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                2nd half ofc
                Especially escanor and star merlin
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