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  • New player- Help needed!

    So I've been playing for a few days now (yes I'm a bit late to the game) but I can't work out how to be able to reforge the greyed out weapons/gear. I have all of my costs up to 112. Any help would be appreciated! (Screenshot is in the link)

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    Edit: internet was wacky oops

    Some gear can't be reforged. You can check if they're reforgable or not by pressing on a gear and seeing if there is a black circle on the info tab or not. If yes = it's reforgable and if no = it's not
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      That's only for a few gears that I have, but doesn't cover any of the costumes. There's an angel costume that I really want to forge but it has no circles and is greyed out


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        That also means it's unreforgable