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[Video Spawns] Tips & Tricks?

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    [Video Spawns] Tips & Tricks?

    When trying to do video spawns, I like getting all 5 done as soon as I'm able to, but sometimes that annoying message pops up saying there's ''No videos available.''

    I'm going to post the things I try to do to get around that, some of it may be me just wasting my time and getting lucky, but some of these things may help people get their free spawns. If you have anything to add, feel free.

    Upon encountering the message ''No Videos'', try this:

    1. Close the VideoSpawn window, reopen it, and try again. Sometimes it just happens once.
    I find this case more rare, easy to deal with, and often seems to be due to signal strength.

    2. Close Unison League and reopen it.
    Sometimes this works, and sometimes it doesn't.
    2b. Click the ''Watch Ad+Yes'' buttons but before it has time to pop up the ''No Videos'' message, Close Unison League and reopen it.
    Might be just in my head, but I find this is sometimes effective.

    3. Watch a 'Random Rewards Ad'.

    Sometimes you will be unable to watch this ad and even restarting Unison may not help.

    4. I find this to be one of the most effective methods.
    (I haven't yet figured out how to get the card flip ad to show up, in the cases where you need it for Vid Spawn but it chooses to disappear on you.)

    -Do a Quest. Any quest that has a cardflip is fine.
    -Watch the cardflip Ad. Often, when you get ''No Videos'' for Video Spawn but are still getting cardflip ads, they aren't actually doubling your rewards.
    -After watching the Ad, DO NOT, return to the after-quest/home lobby.
    -Close Unison League and reopen it. (Or.... you can leave the cardflip screen open until the 3minute quest-lobby counter kicks you back to home lobby. This will also 'refresh' the cards.)
    -Reflip a card, doesn't matter which. You should now see that you will get double rewards.

    I feel that this method is effective to 'kick-start' the Video Spawn ads again.

    Video Spawn Tips & Tricks [Guide]Creating & Loading an ATeam ID

    Originally posted by Nillzone View Post
    I have same problem around 1 weeks ago, so i try to find as many way to fix as i can. And the one what working for me is..

    For android:
    Go menu and find google settings. (or menu > setting > google)
    There is an "ADS" menu
    And there u can reset ur advertising ID and turn on "Opt-out of interest-based ads"

    After this my video ads working again perfectly, sometimes i
    encountered with the same problem then just reset the advertising ID again and the problem is gone.

    I hope its helping for u too.

    This isn't something I've tried but it has also been said to work.
    Video Spawn Tips & Tricks [Guide]Creating & Loading an ATeam ID


      For some reason I can never do more than one consecutive video without it not working so I always have to close UL after each one. So watch video close UL watch video close UL watch video close UL until you reach 5 then close UL come back and spawn


      • muda
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        I believe its if your connection isn't strong enough they won't load. I experience this as well sometimes, but if I refresh the videos they come back up. I mostly notice the bug when my connection is low

      EU VPN Tips

      Originally posted by Exifea View Post
      I would definitely recommend ProtonVPN. It's from the makers of ProtonMail - a privacy-focused email service - and you get a 7 day premium trial once you make a new account (you can make as many as you need). You can still use it for free once the trial ends as well. The Australian servers give me some slight packet loss though - no big deal for UL, but when I need to game on a VPN I use Mullvad instead (only downside being is the trial only last 3 hours. It's super duper easy to get an account number though - all you have to do is a CAPTCHA).


      Does anyone have any other VPNs they trust, that are free to use?

      What limitations? (ex. ____MB/Month, Registration, 'Free' with Ads?)
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      Video Spawn Tips & Tricks [Guide]Creating & Loading an ATeam ID


      • Shanoa
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        For what it's worth, I've also been using TunnelBear since day one, extremely easy and fast to use. Downside is you have 500mo per month, so I try to limit my spawns (mostly doing them on the weekends for the boosted ssr rates).

      • Faust
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        Shanoa - It must be annoying to have to do that.
        I think I'm just annoyed that people are missing out on Spawns that they shouldn't be because they don't know that options exist. I'm naive and expected the community to spread this much faster.

        I would make a Video Spawn thread just for Europeans but I'm not affected by it and I'm unsure of ATeam's stance on suggesting VPN apps but I for one am all for the community giving each other the information they need to be able to fully enjoy Unison League.

        Anywho, thanks for suggesting TunnelBear.

      Exifea - Not sure about your program, the one Shanoa mentioned I'd heard of before and it's got a catchy name so anyways when I 'had' to get a VPN I went with TB and threw this together.

      Video Spawn Tips & Tricks [Guide]Creating & Loading an ATeam ID


      • Exifea
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        If it works for you then it's perfectly fine, especially if you're only using it for Video Spawns. I personally wouldn't use it myself however; due to my privacy-focused mindset regarding VPNs.

      • Faust
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      Cherif - there's more than one option for available VPNs and there are many options for ''throw-away email'' websites which allow you to create multiple VPN accounts, easily, so that you don't have to deal with (500mb) restrictions.
      Video Spawn Tips & Tricks [Guide]Creating & Loading an ATeam ID


      • Cherif
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        Thanks faust i will try that later

      Sometimes, going from the lobby to my home works for me.

      Good options tho.


        this post is super helpful!! bless your soul <3


          If you're having problems with Video Spawns, and nothing above works, post:
          -What the issue is/how are Video Spawns broken for you.
          -Your operating system (ex. iOS 9.1.1)
          ---Your phone and network

          Hopefully someone can help you find a way to get them working or explain why they aren't working.
          Video Spawn Tips & Tricks [Guide]Creating & Loading an ATeam ID