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  • Collab shared bonus?

    Sooo usually there's a shared bonus spawn in every second half collab, with only 3 days left is there a chance of shared spawn? Maybe I'm just impatient, but from my memory the shared collab spawns would of been out today;-;
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    I really hope so, I've been saving my gems this whole time waiting. I'm not wasting my gems to get no ssrs and a droplet.


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      This collab is on the low end with content. The 1st part never had a monster step up
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        Probably not, I'm assuming the collab is following the anime only, so I do not think there is going to be one, as we already seen all 3 witches from the anime and all the magical girls, or at least I think there is only 3 witches, watched it so long ago, and Ul usually doesn't add things to global.


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          I'm still waiting for a Nagisa monster... But I guess we just have to be patient?
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            Spoilers for the movie?

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            Oops, edited >> sorry

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            AndaYumiko Ok. :[
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          Mondays usually bring new spawns, so maybe then? I wouldn't be surprised if we also got a last chance spawn.
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            Ateam doesn't add new spawns on Saturdays, usually it is Monday, and Thursday's