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Dusk Bride Rant... (rant here if you want also =P)

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  • Dusk Bride Rant... (rant here if you want also =P)

    I run as cleric... doing 45AP get to boss easy peasy... % attack initiates, BOOM SOME KID UNIS and the uni doesn't even heal... I can't pre-cast dignity... then BOOM attack comes in like a second after we all dead except that... grr..


    I get pretty triggered when I see it... especially when its lvl 120+s using it... like honestly... GET FREAKIN GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUD

    yeah oke back to vacation xD cyall
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    Lol Laconic is going to get triggered by this

    After so many runs, I finally got 1 to drop, but the bad thing is I was using my soldier set to troll and it dropped a defence and magic defence one. I'm an Archer main.... >-<
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    • Shadow_Umbreon
      Shadow_Umbreon commented
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      Chaz I ran with my archer set and I got one for attack and magic attack. So idk xD

    • Shy_Kouhai
      Shy_Kouhai commented
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      It drops a random stat, I got atk and matk first but when she dropped again she was atk and def.

    • CarmineCoffee
      CarmineCoffee commented
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      It's not class specific. I run as a lancer and have gotten three with mage stats

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    I just hate the drop rate. Para and Arcadia should not have such poo drop rates.

    Player wise. Please...Use MR.

    When ya see her use Madness = MR.

    When ya see her use "I will be with ya" (think that was the name of the uni blocking almost OHKO attack.) = MR.

    Don't keep trying to attack her, with ya DAs and Knight Blitz's

    Also clerics. If ya see me use MR, have full uni, and we are all uni blocked and half dead. Try to cast ya cure on me first. Instead of that Archer who proceeds to use DA...

    But, yeah. Other then some basic mistakes. It's a fun little event.


    • LucyWhite
      LucyWhite commented
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      Clerics gotta pre cast dignity not mass, mass refresh is every1 else's job =P but madness isn't much of a prob tbh. As long as you don't have ailment resistance debuffed then ur good to go

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    LaconicLeaf Dragon assault is best.

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    • LaconicLeaf
      LaconicLeaf commented
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      ...or if I'm feeling sadistic, I can be Cleric, let you in, but make sure you don't survive. >=)

    • [King] Sonder
      [King] Sonder commented
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      LaconicLeaf dont worry, i will bring HB, WTB, Barrier, guard and... DRAGON ASSAULT ;33333333

    • LucyWhite
      LucyWhite commented
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      Or kicked from party by me ._.

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    I use dragon assault all the time .

    O wait I still pass the quest .
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      Like 9 gems only 1 drop. Im pissed.


      • Tri-Edge
        Tri-Edge commented
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        Oh yeah i know the feeling seen you in a few runs in 5 ap sadly i havent got 1 drop and id farm for 1500 to find out shes only matk and mdef when you exchange her with bouquet smh wasted gems

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      I fully infused and got 2 extras.


      • LucyWhite
        LucyWhite commented
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        whales lel, infuse? Yulia can be infused? ._.

      • || Candy ||
        || Candy || commented
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      • wonderworks
        wonderworks commented
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        Technically its increasing potential, because it doesn't actually increase monsters stats, just player's.

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      I ama when I see the % thing; haven't had any issues yet. The only times I've died are when I ama .5s too late, and we get mass AIDS.


      • LucyWhite
        LucyWhite commented
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        Does the clerics you run with not know how to pre-cast dignity? Do your teammates not know how to pre-cast mass refresh??

        It's not that hard ._.

      • 4tran
        4tran commented
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        LucyWhite @
        Pre casting is very rare in the sub 130 crowd. Even among those who know how to pre cast, cooldowns can cripple.

      • LucyWhite
        LucyWhite commented
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        Pre casting is rare...?!?!?!?!?!

        Like seriously is it seriously rare...??

        But cooldowns just uni after burst down boss panic uni xD lel

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      I been hearing that she drops on 5 ap alot but men grind for 1500 to get 1 stats like it be better to grind 1500 to add your desire stats but you know how this work work like a bi*** to earn crap in the end.


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        Been grinding 5ap for 10 minutes! Got noffing!!!! Need more of my waifu to infuse!!!!!
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        • LucyWhite
          LucyWhite commented
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          Cause it's do-able with 100k gs =P Just really hard xD

        • |PD| Xyfen
          |PD| Xyfen commented
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          10 minutes? Gtfo try 10 hours then come back to the rant

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        why is paragon 100k? :'D
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          -Dies because the cleric doesn't heal on percent attack, and I had to refresh uni earlier-
          "Buff up your defenses next time so you don't die lol" (Tank soldier also died)
          "You didn't see those Archers dying did you" (Those archers got healed with area recovery since since they were close to the cleric)
          Yayyyyy randoms


          • #13
            Just annoyed how some people have gotten 5-6 drops easily when I've been using all my ap and got no drops...

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            • Priscilla
              Priscilla commented
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            • 4tran
              4tran commented
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              Tafffffy Priscilla @

              bloody hell, how many Fs is that? did I tag the right guy?

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            840 Bouquets worth of running the 45ap, and no Yulia drop, running only off of natural AP.

            Can't wait to exchange 1500 for a MATK/MDEF one for my Lancer! Boooooo.

            Totally worth making this.


            • Alexstrazsa
              Alexstrazsa commented
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              You're probably right, I have no idea, been sort of lazy.

            • ReZero
              ReZero commented
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              Feels bad Bunkorre I got a ATK Def Yulia and I'm a mage or archer mostly ;-;

            • Bunkorre
              Bunkorre commented
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              ReZero Lets trade, I finally got one at around 920 bouquets, but she's ATK/MATK. :< At least mages can guarantee the MATK/MDEF one eventually too.

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            Need another little rant. Have to keep myself going for the next 100 drop less runs... -_-

            Guys. I know the GS required for Para and even Arcadia, is fairly low compared to some. But for all that is holy. If ya don't bring MR, and ya constantly only hit 1hp to her...Then what use are ya?

            Also clerics. If ya see them being useless, only hitting 1 HP and constantly using HB and no MR. Then please...Don't heal them, while letting a guy who is constantly hitting 50k-100k die...

            I mean. Come on. I don't mind helping to carry people. I done it enough times. But if ya don't damage, and ya don't help removes debuffs/status ailments... Then ya a dead weight...

            Also what's up with only lancers and mages carrying MR? Either. I am really unlucky, or something is off. Archers, Soldiers. For heavens sake. Stop not carrying MR...Or at least bring something other then EE, and a full set of 10k tops hitting attacks...Sure. Ya bow is all fancy. But when ya need a buff, and a DA. To hit the same amount I do with a Severe Sting...Then ya kinda a tiny...little...small...miniscule bit...Completely useless...

            Hah. That was fun. Well back to not getting that bride to drop.


            • LucyWhite
              LucyWhite commented
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              The power of party creating and party member level limits c:

            • Cthulhu
              Cthulhu commented
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              Ive kicked MANY. Top end P2W players for not bringing MR/cheer or some sort of utility NON uni wise on Arcadia when team building. Its saddening.

            • Keiryu
              Keiryu commented
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              The lack of utility is a serious problem. I mean. By now, people should know better...

              I rarely make my own parties. I am a lancer... People tend to not join my party. So I always join a random party I find being currently made. So. I am kinda at the mercy of the party creator. But, when they don't pick properly. Ya usually end up with a bunch of utility-less guys, who only use death pierce and DA...